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US Coalition Airstrike on Syrian Army in Al-Tanf is Another Calculated War Crime, Aims to Destroy Arab Unity


Bouthaina Shaaban, Political & Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad

The crimes committed by the US forces by bombing units of the Syrian Arab Army that were advancing to liberate the Al-Tanf crossing on the border with Iraq, and before it in Al-Thardah Mountain in Deir Al-Zour, and then Al-Shaerat Airport were not random or coincidental.

They were, as in the case of the war crimes committed by US aircrafts against the Syrian people and Syrian infrastructure, calculated, and are part of the general geopolitical scheme to divide the region.

The truth is that any connection between Syria and Iraq has been forbidden since the two countries’ independence in the middle of the 20th century. The Baghdad Pact of 1955, which included Britain, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan was meant contain the Arab national tide on the one hand, and to counter what then was called Soviet influence in the region on the other hand. Although this alliance fell in 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared a set principles in a private letter to Congress, which became known as the Eisenhower Doctrine. According to these principles, any country could request US economic aid or aid of the US armed forces if subjected to threats from another country. This was what Camille Chamoun did in 1958, when the nationalists in Lebanon rebelled to pursue the Arab national line and against Chamoun’s attempt to rig elections. Eisenhower responded to Chamoun’s request and sent the Marines to Beirut to preserve the “neutrality” of Lebanon’s foreign policy, despite its “sympathy” with Arab issues.

After Sadat signed the Sinai 2 Agreement, and later the Camp David Accords, President Hafez al-Assad tried to compensate for the Arabs’ loss of Egypt by establishing a Levantine Front. He went to Iraq, Jordan and the Palestine Liberation Organization in Beirut.

To the present day, secret CIA documents show that the instructions were issued at the time to Saddam Hussein to mobilise military forces on the Syrian border, to threaten Syria, and to advise Yasser Arafat against cooperation or even coordination with Syria . Despite President Hafez al-Assad’s visit to Jordan, King Hussein has never been able shake off Western influence and engage in any joint Arab action.

Today, despite the various reasons and pretexts, all the actions of the United States, Britain and France in Syria aim to continue to weaken the Syrian state, and cut off ties with neighbouring Arab countries, as well as countering the Russian efforts to support Syrian unity. After years of intervening in support of terrorism and arming its gangs, Britain and France recently recognised the presence of their troops on Syrian soil.

eishenhower 2
U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles (left) and President Eisenhower (right)

The United States is applying the Eisenhower Doctrine, at times under the guise of supporting Kurds, or supporting democracy, but the real aim is to drain each Arab country separately, so that the Arab Nation could not form a human, geographical, historical, and cultural unity in the face of the Zionist project and the Western influence in the region.

President Hafez al-Assad has tried, with all Arabs, to create any form of Arab solidarity and has expressed his willingness to make any necessary concessions, especially with Iraq. During the Iraq-Iran war he made an offer to Iraq to establish a Syrian-Iraqi unity, in which he would be vice-president, as a way out of the war through negotiations with the Iranians, but all his offers were rejected.

Instead, Saddam Hussein supported and armed the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist gangs associated with Israel and the Western intelligence, who hit Syrian cities by car bombs, assassination, and sectarian killingsbetween the late seventies and early eighties.

If we look closely at the history of the twentieth century and what is happening today in our country, it is certain that the main target of Britain, France and the United States’ since World War I, is the Arab civilization, Arab identity and the geographical unity of Arab lands.

What is remarkable is that very few Arabs have shown any awareness of this strategy, not to mention developing their own strategies for ensuring the Arabs’ interests and rights. Hence, the Syrian Arab Army’s plan to give priority for reaching the al-Tanf crossing and to make way for the geographical, economic and social ties with Iraq is to undermine the old old western plans to prevent communication between these two brotherly countries.

The replacement of Israel with Iran as an enemy of the Arabs and the fabrication of the danger of Shiism are the latest pretexts for the continuation of Western hegemony on our land, our people and our wealth, using terrorism and Wahhabi money this time. These lies are a new episode in a series of lies, and their main aim is to prevent Arab unity and the rise of Arab power.


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