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BILDERBERG: Who Benefits?

Bilderberg 2017 will take place at the Westfields Marriot in Chantilly, Virginia, June 1-4. The annual gathering features industrial magnates, silicon valley tech giants, and political and economic luminaries, including economic ministers (G7, G20 etc.), the World Economic Forum, and leaders of other multilateral globalist groups. Here, our elected officials collude in secret with billionaire elites and globalist agents in order to thrash out the globalist agenda for the next 12 months. 

1 Bilderberg Angela Merkel and Barack-Obama

For the great and good of the transatlantic political elite, it pays to attend the annual Bilderberg Meeting. Here is the ‘official list’ of 2017 attendees. 

Has anyone enjoyed a swift rise to power after first courting the Bilderberg elite?

via Tony Gosling at Bilderberg.org Forum

Berger-beneficiaries from the past are:

  • Barack Obama, the participation of 2008, then US President;
  • Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel, attending, 2005, after this vote of confidence in Schröder and new German Chancellor Merkel;
  • Jean-Claude Trichet, participation in 2003, then President of the European Central Bank;
  • José Manuel Barroso, participation in 2003, then President of the European Commission;
  • Jürgen Schrempp, participation in 1994, then head of the Daimler Benz AG;
  • Tony Blair, participation in 1993, then chief of the Labour and the British Prime Minister;
  • Bill Clinton, participation in 1991, then U.S. President;
  • Helmut Kohl, participation in 1982, then German Chancellor;
  • Margaret Thatcher, participation in 1977, the then British Prime Minister;
  • Helmut Schmidt, participation in 1973, the then Federal Chancellor;

A detailed embodiment of the beneficiaries of the Bilderbergers, you will also find in the book, “The Century of the Lie, Known Only to Insiders.” http://shop.macht-steuert-wissen.de/

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue