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Macron Calls to Extend France’s ‘State of Emergency,’ With More Security Laws

It seems that terrorism in the west and the political reactions to it – are now becoming internationalized. 

MacronThis latest announcement by the new French president Emmanuel Macron (image, left) seems conveniently timed with Monday evening’s ‘ISIS-inspired’ terrorist bombing event in Manchester, England.

Macron is now seeking to extend of the state of emergency (which expires on July 15) in order to “preserve our democracy.”

According to French prime minister Edouard Philippe, the terror threat “remains very high” and is seeking more legislation to increase the state security powers.

Following a meeting with the Defence Council, Philippe stressed the need for more integration between the UK and France, stating to AFP, “France and the United Kingdom are fighting the same enemy.”

He added, “The terrorist threat remains, in Europe, in our two countries, at a very high level.”

The current rolling cycle of France’s “state of emergency” began in the aftermath of the November 2015 Paris attacks, and after five extensions, it will next ‘expire’ in November 1, 2017.

From a legal perspective, the details of this latest consolidation of power are extremely revealing. This situation has the potential to transform people’s relationship with the state…

1 french police Paris WikicommonsArmed French police officers in Paris. Photo: Mstyslav Chernov (Source: Wikimedia Commons)


French President Emmanuel Macron has requested that parliament extend the state of emergency until November 1. The president also called for the introduction of legislation to boost security in the face of the terrorist threat.

“The President of the Republic has decided that the [French] Parliament should extend the state of emergency until 1 November,” an Elysee statement said on Wednesday, after Macron’s meeting with the Defense and National Security Council.

Macron also demanded that the government prepare a “legislative text” which proposes strengthening security amid “the terrorist threat outside a state of emergency,” the statement added.

Speaking to French media, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the terrorist threat from Islamic state (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Qaeda “remain at a very high level in Europe, especially in France and the UK.”

He added that some 7,000 troops are permanently deployed and up to 10,000 can be called up if needed to ensure security across France.

The decision to extend the state of emergency comes after a suicide bombing in Manchester Arena, England, which killed at least 22 people and injured dozens more.

The state of emergency was introduced in France following attacks in Paris in November 2015 which killed over 130 people.

After the attack in Nice in summer 2016, which left 84 people dead, the National Assembly extended the state of emergency for another six months until the end of January 2017. Then in December 2016 the authorities re-extended it until the French presidential elections. The current order was due to expire on July 15.

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Police and administrative authorities are given more powers under the state of emergency, which allows house arrest and searches without warrants, along with other measures.

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