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IRELAND: Islamic Inspired Terrorism Development, or Gladio Symptomatic?

21st Century Wire says…

Since late 2015 Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have been subjected to increased media attention surrounding the ‘possibility’ of an Daesh (Islamic State) inspired styled attack.

Daesh were reported to have issued a ‘chilling warning’ to Ireland who were included amongst the rest of the coalition fighting against Islamic State.

Wahabi’s have a bone to pick with the Emerald Isle? Seeing Ireland as a military power and threat, surely there has to be more to this.

After the Brussels attack on March 22nd 2016, exactly one year prior to the recent London attack by Khalid Masood, Irish Justice Minister Francis Fitzgerald said Ireland is not ‘immune’ from attacks and regurgitated the party line of ‘an attack on one nation is an attack on us all’.

Ireland’s ranking on the ‘terror scale’ was examined since the Paris Bataclan attack and the conclusion was that there is no need, therefore, to raise Ireland’s threat level.’

After Bataclan, Fitzgerald said “There’s no specific information at present that suggests we need to change the threat level. If that information became available, then clearly we would do that.” Ireland’s security services do not use a standard scale of threat levels.

DFHQ, also known as NSIS or the abbreviated ‘G2’, are the Irish Security Services and believed to also have a relationship with Israeli group Mossad, alongside British, American, and other international counterparts. Said to be founded by the Irish Army in the 1920’s following the Anglo-Irish Treaty, it’s also worth noting that G2 could also refer to the British MI5 section, “G branch” which was an international counter terrorist division in which known whistleblower, author, speaker, and former MI5 officer, Annie Machon, worked inside.

As always it begs the question surrounding this information regarding the security services, how much of it is true? It would not be at all surprising that British intelligence agencies were and still are the backbone of the Irish Security Services.

So what’s it to be, the Republic of Ireland is under threat, or is not. A fear remains that Northern Ireland could be a backdoor for these ‘terrorists’ to come into the Republic and commit an attack.

There seems more a credible threat coming from splinter factions of Republican and Loyalist forces in Northern Ireland re-emerging than Daesh interested in carrying out an attack on e.g. the Oireachtas which is the Republic of Ireland’s parliament containing both the lower and upper houses of government.

The further Ireland is pushed regarding Daesh inspired incidents the more we also need to question, is this connecting to Gladio?

More on this report from The Irish Times…

(Image – Google Street View)

Barry Roche
The Irish Times

Gardaí are Thursday evening continuing to question a couple arrested in Waterford as part of an investigation into Irish links with international Islamic extremist groups.

The couple, who are both in their 20s, were arrested by Gardaí at a rented flat in Waterford city at around 10am on Thursday morning.

The man, who is Irish and from Waterford, and the woman, who is British, were arrested on suspicion of having committed offences under the Criminal Justice Terrorist Offence Act 2005.

Gardaí suspect that the couple may have been involved in facilitating terrorist offences abroad. The legislation allows for the prosecution of a suspect for offences outside as well as inside the State.

It is understood the arrests follow a lengthy intelligence led operation involving Gardaí from the specialist Crime and Security Branch based in Dublin as well as local officers in Waterford city. It is understood Gardai have also liaised closely with a number of overseas security agencies including those in the UK charged with monitoring the activities of Islamic extremists.

Gardaí cordoned off the rented property where the couple were arrested and a number of items including mobile phones and computer equipment were seized for examination.

Both suspects were detained at Waterford Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act which allows Gardai detain suspects for up to 24 hours before they have to be charged or released.

For more articles relating to Operation Gladio style ‘terrorism’, check out Shawn Helton of 21st Century Wire





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