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DANGEROUS: Turkey’s Erdogan to End Secular Democracy, Invoking New Holy War Between ‘Cross and Crescent’

21st Century Wire says…

Earlier this week, 21WIRE outlined how the current Turkey government is about to bring an abrupt end to country’s secular democratic government in favor of political Islam and one-party rule.

Turkey is about to pass over a very dangerous threshold… 

Unknown to the US media, who is intoxicated with Russian conspiracy theories and the running joke which is US healthcare, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (image, above) is instituting the final phase in his Stalinization transformation of Turkey from a secular democracy – to a Neo-Ottoman religious fiefdom.

On April 16, Erdogan will hold a new Referendum to change the country’s constitution, giving the government sweeping new legal powers – including a provision that would allow him to be ‘President for Life‘ – potentially ruling until 2029.

Last week, the Turkish autocrat dispatched his emissaries to European countries to help campaign to Turkish voters in countries like the Netherlands and Germany. After Germany cancelled various rallies organized by Turkish ministers, Erdogan accused Germany of “fascist actions” reminiscent of “Nazi practices.” The Dutch government saw what was coming and proceeded to ban Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from flying to Rotterdam to attend a Turkish rally in support of Erdogan’s  new powers, Reuters reported.

“Listen Netherlands, you’ll jump once, you’ll jump twice, but my people will thwart your game,” Erdogan said. “You can cancel our foreign minister’s flight as much as you want, but let’s see how your flights come to Turkey now. They don’t know diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are fascists.”

Erdogan’s then went on to threaten Europe, saying, that they “won’t be secure on their streets anymore.”

It is somewhat rich for Erdogan to be labelling others Nazis. In reality, more than any other single figure on the greater European geopolitical scene today – it is Erdogan who has the closest resemblance to Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler. There are a few strange similarities to their consolidations of power. Two charismatic leaders, using crisis to physically transform the structure of government, and both instituting a brutal crackdown on the press in their country. Both deeply engaged in undeclared wars of aggression and invasions against their neighbors, and both openly trumpeting aspirations of regional hegemony and dominance and actively pursuing additional territory for their homeland. More importantly – both invoking exceptionalist themes – in Hitler’s case it was race, religion and über nationalism. In Erdogan’s case, emotive religious identity politics and invoking Ottoman imperial nostalgia and crusade-era themes like ‘a battle between ‘Crescent and Cross.’ 

Erdogan, even invoked the crusades last week – appearing to call for a renewed intercontinental religious war between Islamic world and Europe. Erdogan, as rendered by Hurriyet Daily News. stated, “Where is the liberty of religion? They have commenced a struggle between the cross and crescent. There is no other explanation than this. I am saying this clearly: Europe is heading toward the days just before World War II.”

Erdogan’s Stalinist Purge

Since the Coup-the-Wasn’t in July 2016, Erdogan used the alleged political crisis to institute a brutal purge that would impress Josef Stalin’s.

After taking to his media’s airwaves encouraging political foot soldiers to go out and dispense violent ‘street justice‘ to his designated opposition, Erdoğan instituted one of the most systematic and brutal crackdowns on civil society seen in recent years. What started as a purge of 7,000 suspected military plotters, judges, politicians, journalists has expanded, bringing the total to upwards of 100,000 people – all suspended and arrested by the government for either treason or “having terrorist ties.” Included in the purge were some 28,000 teachers who it deemed as  having “links to terrorism,” along with 785 members of the Ministry of Labour, and 24 elected mayors.

Any normal media pundit would call this the totalitarian antics of  a paranoid megalomaniac – but not the Western media. As a NATO member state it should shock every US and European citizen that their governments are military partners with this type of government in Turkey.

Symbolically, Erdogan’s new Turkey very much resembles a scene from Star Wars, where nefarious emperor Palpatine suspended the Republican government in a state of emergency – to fight a ‘terrorist’ enemy created and nurtured by him in a clandestine fashion.

The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I’ve just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin (Star Wars trilogy)

This story line virtually mirrors Erdogan’s facilitating and supporting of ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists groups operating freely, in and out of Syria using Turkey as a safe haven with medical triage for fighters, training grounds, and even a supply and financial hub based in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

What’s most shocking about this however, is how the US media will provide more headline space and hours of ‘expert panel’ analysis in CNN for a tweet from  Donald Trump – rather than to cover this disturbing development in Turkey which could very trigger the balance of nations in the Middle East.

1 Fares Shehabi
In a recent interview with Free West Media, Independent Syrian MP from Aleppo, Fares Shehabi (photo, above) announced, ‘We want Turkey to withdraw its invading forces.’

Presently, both Turkey and the US are amassing their military assets and troops on the ground inside Syria, in preparation for a big media event in April, which will be marketed in the West as “The Battle for Raqqa.”

Shehabi believes the Turkish leadership is chasing an Ottoman-style hegemony in the region:

“I am not surprised, of course! Erdogan’s behavior is well expected by us Syrians because we were the first to suffer from his Ottoman ambitions. As you know, the Ottoman Empire expanded into our country Syria after sacking Aleppo and also expanded westward into Romania, Austria and Hungary. We defended our city Aleppo against his piracy and looting and against his terror mercenaries,” said MP Shehabi.

On Turkey’s looting of Aleppo since 2012, Shehabi explains, “He robbed more than 30 000 factories, our grain, wheat, cotton, oil and most importantly our historical monuments. He also gathered, harbored, trained, armed and sent tens of thousands of jihadi terrorists via his borders into our main cities.”

“We just want Turkey to withdraw its invading forces from our land and implement international laws for preventing the flow of terrorists and their weapons into our sovereign country. We don’t have any problems with the Turkish people, but we have a big problem with Erdogan and his ruling Islamist gang, for they wrongly believe they are the only people who know God.”

“Regarding Turkey’s support of ISIS, Shehabi stated, “Here are the facts: Most ISIS fighters came to Syria through Turkish airlines. Erdogan’s troops used to walk side by side with them in many border towns in Northern Syria. Erdogan also facilitated the creation of other Al-Qaeda offsprings such as Al-Nusra-Front and Ahrar Al-Sham and he still regards the latter a legitimate Syrian opposition group, even when the group itself admits to embrace the well known al-Qaeda agenda and ideology. Moreover, Erdogan built tens of training camps for jihadi mercenaries to serve his agenda in Syria,” added Shehabi.

21WIRE has also reported on Turkey’s role in helping violent Uygur fighters who make up a portion of the ISIS ranks – an ethnic group of Muslims living near the far west frontier of China speaking the ancient Turkic language.

The case against Turkey is damning, and all we hear is silence from the US, UK, France and the ‘great European powers.

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