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Two Suicide Bombs Rock Damascus – As the West’s Dirty War Enters Its Seventh Year

21st Century Wire says…

So long as the West and its Gulf allies, along with Turkey, continue supporting terrorism in Syria, then this war will continue to rage on and take more innocent lives. 

Initial reports from State news agency SANA cited the Damascus police citing at least 32 dead, and another 102 injured at courthouse, and a further 28 injured in the restaurant targeted by ‘rebel’ terrorists.

As earlier reports are updated, casualty numbers are expected to rise sharply.

The Inquirer reports: “The first attacker struck inside the Justice Palace, located near the famous and crowded Hamidiyeh market. The explosion left bodies lying amid pools of blood and shattered glass in the building’s main hall, adorned with a picture of President Bashar Assad hanging on one of the walls.”

In another attack last week, a ‘rebel’ bombing attack took 74 innocent lives.

1 Syria Bombing
AFP/Daily Star

DAMASCUS: Two suicide bombings hit the Syrian capital Damascus on Wednesday, including an attack at a central courthouse that killed at least 32 people, as the country’s war entered its seventh year.

(…) There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blasts, the second wave of deadly attacks in the capital in less than a week, after twin bombings Saturday that killed 74 people.

Wednesday’s first attack saw a suicide bomber rush inside the building and blow himself up when police tried to prevent him from entering the courthouse in the center of Damascus, state media reported.

A police source told AFP that 32 people were killed and 100 wounded.

“I heard a commotion and looked to my left and I saw a man in a military vest,” a man with a bandage over his eye told state television after the attack.

“He had his hands up and screamed ‘God is greatest’ and then the blast happened,” he added.

“I fell to the ground and blood came out of my eye.”

State television broadcast images from inside the courthouse, showing blood smeared across the marble floor of the lobby, with a portrait of President Bashar Assad still intact and hanging above.

Blood was also splattered across the ceiling, and bits of broken glass, wood and pieces of paper littered the floor.

Streets deserted

The second blast hit a restaurant in the Rabweh district in the west of the city less than two hours later, and injured 25 people, the police source said.

State media said the bomber had ducked into the restaurant after being chased by security services.

In the wake of the attacks, AFP correspondents in the city said the streets were deserted, with some roads blocked off by security services…

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