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Mysteries of Ancient Philosophy & Metaphysics – Jay Dyer

new-adJay Dyer
21st Century Wire

Stepping back beyond Marcus Aurelius, this week we look into the origins of philosophy itself, the basic questions of metaphysics and the basic questions of theology.

What is real? How can we know? How ought we live? What did ancient Egypt and Babylon think? From there, we move in hour two to look at ancient metaphysics and early Greeks, as well as the poets and Pre-Socratics.


Listen to “Mysteries of Ancient Philosophy & Metaphysics – Jay Dyer (Half)” on Spreaker.


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Jay Dyer is the author of the forthcoming title, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film from Trine Day.  Focusing on film, philosophy, geopolitics and all things esoteric, JaysAnalysisand his podcast, “Esoteric Hollywood,” investigates the deeper meanings between the headlines, exploring the hidden aspects of our sinister synthetic mass media matrix.