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US Hostage Survives Terrorist Ordeal in Syria to Deliver a Stunning Message to US-UK ‘Regime Change’ Crowd

21st Century Wire says…

A small miracle – a rare moment of truth on the mainstream media. 

Buried below all of the salacious and sensational headlines and faux Russian intrigue in Washington over the last week, FOX News host Tucker Carlson delivered a stunning short interview with Theo Padnos, an American journalist who was held captive for two years (2012 – 2014) by US-UK and GCC-backed terrorists from Al Nusra Front aka Al-Qaeda in Syria.

During the last 6 years under president Barack Obama, failing US officials like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have been whitewashing the true nature of the co-called “moderate rebels” in Syria – repeatedly attempting to characterize them as righteous ‘freedom fighters’ striving for an embryonic democracy in Syria. Padnos obliterates the institutional US government and media deception on this subject, and sets the record straight about the wanton savagery of so-called ‘rebels’, many of whom are not even from Syria:

“They’re murdering people in the streets, they’re employing children as torturers. They are destroying the society over there.”

“Some of them are interested in money, some of them are interested in power, some of them love their guns. They’re having a wonderful time during the Jihad… (…) They have the keys to these cool pick-up trucks, they have free food…”

“They’re constructing a real prison archipelago over there – full of prisoners, and full of anyone they really don’t like.”

Theo Padnos

Survivor: Theo Padnos

“An incredible axis of power to many young men who have had none for most of their lives – it’s a dangerous scenario that’s unfolding over there in parts of the country that the government doesn’t control.”

The host then asked Padnos what he thought of the Assad government in Syria. The answer was not something you will ever hear from any of the ‘experts’ on CNN or NBC who have been all-out for regime change since hostilities broke out in 2011:

“The Assad regime? Right now, there is approx 16 million people who are living in safety. The schools function, the universities function, hospitals function, there’s traffic police in the streets. Listen, it’s not Switzerland – it’s not a perfect society – I think they themselves recognize this. Anybody who wants peace in Syria will acknowledge and respect the peace that they have at the moment and not degrade and damage it somehow – which the Obama Administration has done by sending missiles and all kinds of weaponry to the ‘rebels’ – which I thought was disgraceful because it destroyed such peace, as there was.”

“There remains a situation in which there are rebel enclaves and these rebel enclaves are not peaceful, of course not. They are being destroyed. Look, it’s a civil war. The rebel enclaves – just a minority of the population lives there, the majority of Syrians are living a relative peace under the Assad regime. Yes, that is preferable to the bombings and the crucifixions in the streets that we are seeing, and the murdering of citizens, the torturing and the imprisoning of random which is what they [the ‘rebel’ terrorists] are doing.”

Watch Tucker Carlson stunning segment with Theo Padnos here: 





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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue