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Crimea Crisis Won’t Abate Amidst US Lies

21st Century Wire says…

President Donald Trump said, whilst on his presidential campaign trail at Columbus Ohio, that he would sideline the Crimea matter; “I mean, do you want to go back? Do you want to have World War Three to get it back?” Following this, Mr Trump has exclaimed on numerous occasions his desire to ‘get along with Russia.’

Fast forward to the present, this seems a distant memory. The President, alongside UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, continue the provocative Obama rhetoric on the Ukraine and Crimea situation which only serves to conflagrate ties with Russia instead of actioning Trump’s call for détente.

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Eric Zuesse
Strategic Culture Foundation

Why is the West allowed to dictate to Crimeans, and to Syrians, that they cannot choose their own government? This is the new, anti-democratic, United States government. This is the reality.

Lawrence J. Korb, who was U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense during 1981-1985, quit the Cold War against Russia when the Soviet Union and its communism and Warsaw Pact all ended in 1991, and he wrote on 26 February 2016, headlining “Don’t Fall for Obama’s $3 Billion Arms Buildup at Russia’s Door“. He was on the correct side about this, against the Obama-initiated thrust toward WW III, but he understated the evilness, by saying:

“There is no Russian resurgence. Washington is playing on your Cold War fears to get you to pay for something the U.S. does not need and can’t afford. In one of the key justifications for the new $600 billion defense spending request, the Department of Defense has fallen back on a tried-and-true Cold War bogeyman: the threat of Russian aggression against allies in Europe. While there is no ignoring the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the Russo-Georgian war in 2008, to interpret these events as some kind of Russian ‘resurgence’ is to grossly inflate the danger Russia poses to NATO and the United States“. Korb also went on to say:

“Though Crimea has been a historic lynchpin of Russian grand strategy for centuries, its open use of military force and political manipulation there in the midst of the Ukrainian Revolution drew an immediate response in the form of sanctions from the West. Russia is paying a massive economic and diplomatic cost for its aggression against Ukraine”.

He ignored there that it was no ‘Revolution’; it was instead a U.S. coup in Ukraine, which overthrew the democratically elected government there and installed an illegal one, which was composed of fascists, who went on to do fascist things.

His [Korb’s] reference to Russia’s ‘aggression against Ukraine’ is also a falsehood, which fits into the narrative that ‘Russia seized Crimea’, but repeating such lies is the price of admission into, or retention in, such governing circles. Whether the inclusion of such falsehoods is consciously intended or not, it increases the chances that an article in The West will be published. It’s part of the cultural mythology (such as produces almost all wars).

And, similarly, the rest of America’s Establishment trumpet such dangerous lies to the world. That too must stop, but since the U.S. press are mere stenographers for the U.S. government, the only way that it will stop, is if the U.S. government’s lies stop first.

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