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SYRIA: UK Academic Slams Amnesty International and NGO Complex Propaganda Campaigns

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In response to the establishment media’s contrived ‘fake news’ crisis designed to marginalise independent and alternative media sources of news and analysis, 21WIRE is running its own #FakeNewsWeek awareness campaign, where each day our editorial team at 21st Century Wire will feature media critiques and analysis of mainstream corporate media coverage of current events – exposing the government and the mainstream media as the real purveyors of ‘fake news’ throughout modern history…

Amnesty independent my ass12
Taken from the Amnesty International website: 10 Reasons why we are Effective. Claiming independence while platforming an “acitivist” sporting the Syrian faux “revolution” flag.

21st Century Wire says…

The Amnesty International “Human Slaughterhouse” report, targeting the Syrian government, yet again, has come under sustained attack from academics and geopolitical commentators globally, despite the corporate media eagerness to diseminate the report with very little investigation or verification. 

Author of the Handbook of Media, Conflict and Security and Professor of Politics, Society and Political Journalism at the University of Sheffield. Professor Piers Robinson on NATO-propaganda and media manipulation with Going Underground, for RT.

“Professor Piers Robinson discusses media manipulation of conflicts over the last 15 years saying they have been:

“Associated with very major and very substantial propaganda campaigns, attempts to persuade and manipulate opinion to support conflict”.

Well said that man! He then goes on to say:

“It becomes an imperative to treat all sources of information with scrutiny and to question what we have been told”.

“I do think, quite clearly that there has been a continuity and consistency of policies over the last 15 years which point towards a geostrategic strategy aimed at both taking out countries who oppose, or do not operate according to our interests, or pushing, or cajoling countries and this has been clear from the conflicts we’ve seen but it’s also been evidenced by Section 3.1 of the Chilcot report.”

For those who think that analysis offered in quarters other than the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky News, the Guardian, the Indpendent, Telegraph, Daily Mail, is all ‘conspiracy theory’ – time to think again, and may many more professors like Piers Robinson and Tim Hayward be given a voice in the media with their analyses – analyses which the mainstream media would have us believe is the work of ‘conspiracy theorists’ rather than highly qualified academics!” ~ Sheila Coombes



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