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BREAKING: Yemeni Missile Strikes Close to Saudi Capital City Riyadh

21st Century Wire 

The war between Saudi Arabia and its neighbor Yemen has gone to a new level today. 

21WIRE sources in Sanaa can confirm reports of a Yemeni ballistic missile striking in the region of Riyadh.

According to emerging reports from Yemen, on Sunday evening a surface-to-surface missile was fired by the Yemeni Army and has hit the Saudi capital. It is not confirmed if it struck within the city limits, or suburbs.

The following is confirmation of the missile strike from Yemen’s Ministry of Defense in Sanaa:

Translation as follows:

“Yemen Republic

Date 6/2/2017

Important Announcement

It Starts with Koranic verse

As a retaliation for the Saudi -American dire aggression , bloody massacre and arbitrary siege imposed on Yemeni People which have caused a humanitarian crisis on large scale amid international community and UN Silence

So coming from our responsible position which is committed to this noble people ‘s choice of repelling and staving off this aggression without holding back, and from deep belief in the legitimacy of the retaliation ,and the sanctity of the principle of self-defence using all available means

So we announce for the first time the launch of the Ballistic Missile which hit a military post in the Capital of Devil Kingdom Saudi Arabia

We thank God for the gift of knowledge and patience which helped us to reach this exceptional rocket development and we assure that the capital Alryad becomes in the range of our rockets at this stage

God bless the souls of our martyrs ,God heal the wounds of our injured and God grant the freedom for POW and the soldiers who are unaccounted for

Yemen Missile Force”


The statement reiterates the right of the legitimate Yemeni government and forces to retaliate against the Saudi illegitimate aggression towards the Yemeni people, endorsed by the UK, US, EU and UN. It states clearly, that these attacks will be repeated until the Saudi coalition bombing is ceased.

“The Houthi ballistic missile successfully hit a Saudi military base in Al-Muzahmiyya, southwest of Riyadh. The base is ~40km away from Riyadh” 

For important background to the Saudi war of aggression against Yemen read 21st Century Wire’s article: UN Whitewashing Saudi Coalition War Crimes and Human Rights Violations in Yemen

Back in late October, regional news outlets reported that a Yemeni missile had stuck near Saudi’s second city of Jeddah, when Yemeni army and popular forces launched a 12.5-meter-long Borkan-1 ballistic missile from Sa’ada province landing at a Saudi Airbase in Jeddah late October. Military spokesmen indicated that Riyadh would soon be in range.

This will no doubt inflame the Yemen conversation in the US, as Republicans are attempting to frame Saudi’s war on Yemen as an Iranian proxy war against Saudi Arabia, and Yemen’s current General Peoples CongressAnsarullah (aka the “Houthis”) coalition government as a “tool of the Iranian Regime,” thus reinforcing a neoconservative and Israeli foreign policy narrative for the Persian Gulf region.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia has waged an illegitimate, Obama endorsed, war of aggression against its neighbor Yemen, purportedly  to reinstall its own pro-Gulf and pro-America President in Yemen, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who many regard as having no legitimacy or claim to the Presidency in Yemen.

6th February 2017 Update





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