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Trump Supporters Attacked By Liberal Protesters: Taking Political Violence to New Level

21st Century Wire says…

Trump protests are getting out of hand, yet again. This time in Portland Oregon. Liberal progressive protesters have taken to the streets in opposition to the President’s latest controversial executive order instituting a 7 nation travel ban. Lets see how it turned out:

Protesters surrounded Trump supporters outside the Portland airport and bullhorned in their faces bumper sticker slogans like, “No Fear, No Hate!” and then “Peaceful Protest!” Anyone who’s not seen the full video at this point might still think this was a protest and not a violent mob bordering on a riot.

The extreme left protestors chased the Trump supporters into the Portland airport and things got ugly. One of the Trump supporters was sucker punched, which seems to be an escalation of violence among protesters, similar to the recent sucker punch of Alt-Right leader, Richard Spenser in Washington DC last week.

As the man who was assaulted hit the ground the protestors gathered around him and proceeded to continue to taunt, chant and ridicule the injured Trump supporter. Phrases like, “That’s how you talk to a Nazi! That’s right!” were said by anti-Trump activists, “Your boy got knocked out!” and “Wooo! Hunt the Nazis!”

The victim of the assault, Grant Chisholm, 39 year old from Portland says that he was hit three times in the head with something metallic in the assault.

“They almost killed me tonight,” said Chisholm.

Chisholm claims he dropped in and out of consciousness while other protesters attempted to kick him, according to a report at Oregonlive.com, although this is not verifiable in the video footage.

The extreme left has always claimed to be the “tolerant” and “accepting” of political identities, but look how they behave when they lose the election. Is this tolerance, acceptance of different views when their protests consist of violence, cowardly sucker punch assaults and hateful chants accusing anyone with a remotely conservative world view of being a Nazi?

Watch the assault happen in the video below:

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