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SOFT COUP? Putin Warns of US Directed ‘Maidan-Style’ Methods Against Trump

21st Century Wire says…

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of a potential ‘soft coup’ to keep US President-elect Donald Trump from taking office. The shocking red flag alert comes a week after a Trump-Russia dossier was published by Buzzfeed. It was an intelligence report full of unfounded claims and unsubstantiated accusations directed at both Russia and Trump.

While we still don’t know the lasting implications of the leaked intelligence dossier, we must consider the timing of Russia’s warning as series of politically charged events have taken place prior to Trump’s inauguration…

According to Russian leadership, there is no blackmail material on President-elect Trump as suggested in the doctored dossier that was meant to ensnare both Trump and Russia last week. Here’s a passage from a recent report at RT that documented some of the latest developments:

“Despite the fact that elections in the US are over and ended with a “solid win” for the Republican candidate, an intense political struggle continues in the US, the Russian president observed, adding that there are certain forces that aim “to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect.”

Continuing, the report discussed what Russia sees as anti-Trump forces attempting to shackle the newly elected US President, while stating that recent claims from Washington are a political fabrication:

“Those anti-Trump forces in the US also want to “bind hand and foot” the newly-elected leader, Putin added. He said that in this way, they aim to interfere with the domestic and international policies outlined in Trump’s presidential campaign.

By doing so, these forces “severely harm US interests,” Putin said.

The campaign to discredit the president-elect shows that certain “political elites in the West, including in the US,” have “significantly” worsened, according to the Russian president.

“Prostitution is an ugly social phenomenon,” he told reporters, adding that people who stand behind “fabrications” being used against Trump “are worse than prostitutes.”

“They have no moral scruples,” he said.

The Russian leader also called the allegations that Moscow might have blackmail material on the US president-elect “evidently fake.”

Putin went on to state that Washington is “…ready to organize a Maidan in Washington, just to not let Trump take office.”

Here’s footage of Putin’s recent press conference on the matter…

QUESTION: Given the relationship that US intelligence has with Trump thus far, you have to wonder if in fact a soft coup is underway in Washington?

‘PLANNED PROTEST’ – A wave of George Soros-fueled protests sprung up after the 2016 presidential election. (Image Source: marketwatch.com)

If you remember during the course of 2016, there were several George Soros funded protests staged across the nation against Trump, including the days following the US presidential election.

While political tension has risen internationally, major anti-Trump protests are said to be gearing up (as they did after the election) in the days prior to the president-elect’s inauguration. Earlier this week an apparent job ad appearing in nearly two dozen US cities offered to pay political agitators $2,500 dollars to demonstrate at inaugural events:

UPDATE*Tucker Carlson of FOX News recently exposed the group Demand Protest as a fraud via an extensive background check into the group’s alleged founder and its claims. The whole situation appears to have been a hoax perpetrated on those within media.

The Washington Times first reported the following developments concerning claims of anti-Trump provocateurs earlier this week:

“Donald Trump may have a point about paid protesters: Job ads running in more than 20 cities offer $2,500 per month for agitators to demonstrate at this week’s presidential inauguration events.

Demand Protest, a San Francisco company that bills itself as the “largest private grassroots support organization in the United States,” posted identical ads Jan. 12 in multiple cities on Backpage.com seeking “operatives.”

“Get paid fighting against Trump!” says the ad.

“We pay people already politically motivated to fight for the things they believe. You were going to take action anyways, why not do so with us!” the ad continues. “We are currently seeking operatives to help send a strong message at upcoming inauguration protests.”

The totality of real-life developments recalls the political thriller turned Hollywood motion picture Seven Days of May. The 1960’s fictional plot was drenched in tense political intrigue, outlining a planned US military coup take-over of the government after leaders reacted to a fictional US president’s negotiation with the Soviet Union.

More from Zero Hedge below…

(Image Source: ibtimes.com)

Putin Warns Of “Maidan-Style” Attempt To Delegitimize Trump; Doesn’t Believe Trump Used Hookers In Moscow

Zero Hedge

Warning that a “soft coup” is being waged against Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he sees attempts in the United States to “delegitimize” US President-elect Donald Trump using “Maidan-style” methods previously used in Ukraine, where readers will recall president Yanukovich was ousted in 2014 following a violent coup, which many suspect was conducted under the auspices of the US State Department and assorted US intelligence operations.

 “I have an impression they practiced in Kiev and are ready to organize a Maidan in Washington, just to not let Trump take office,” Putin said, apparently referring to anti-government protests in the Ukrainian capital in 2014, which resulted in the leadership being ousted. The campaign to discredit the president-elect shows that certain “political elites in the West, including in the US,” have “significantly” worsened, the Russian president added.

Putin said he doesn’t believe that Donald Trump met with prostitutes in Russia, calling the accusations part of a campaign to undermine the election result, and said reports spread in the Western media accusing Trump of frolicking with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel, the Russian president said he doubted that a man who had been organizing beauty pageants for years and had met “some of the most beautiful women of the world” would hire call girls in the Russian capital.

The Russian leader also called the allegations that Moscow might have blackmail material on the US president-elect “evidently fake.”

“When Trump visited Moscow several years ago, he wasn’t a political figure. We didn’t even know about his political ambitions, he was just a businessman, one of America’s richest people. So does someone think that our intelligence services go after each American billionaire? Of course not, it’s complete rubbish,” Putin said.

Unsubstantiated allegations made against Trump are “obvious fabrications,” Putin told reporters in the Kremlin on Tuesday. “People who order fakes of the type now circulating against the U.S. president-elect, who concoct them and use them in a political battle, are worse than prostitutes because they don’t have any moral boundaries at all,” he said.

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