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Obama Commuted Manning’s Sentence

21st Century Wire says…

In yet another interesting end of term move, Obama has commuted Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s sentence. He is now scheduled to be released in May of 2017 rather than 2045.

Is this a power play against Trump? A potential ‘call of bluff’ to Julian Assange, who’s said he would turn himself over to the US courts if Obama frees Manning?

Adam Garrie of The Duran brings some interesting analysis to the table in the article below.

Adam Garrie
The Duran

With less than three days left until he leaves office, Barack Obama has commuted Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Manning was to be released in 2045 but will now be released in May of this year.

This surprise move is not the morally courageous move that it may appear to be. Obama, content to leave office sans dignity is clearly making a challenge to Julian Assange who recently challenged Obama to pardon Manning in return for Assange voluntarily traveling to the US to face what some would call justice, but anyone would a brain would call a show trial.

Although I am personally happy that Manning will be released early (why the delay though), my sincere advice to Julian Assange is to do the following:

With Donald Trump in power it may be possible to strike some sort of bargain whereby Assange can receive safe passage to Ecuador or any other country willing and able to grant him unconditional asylum. This would have to be guaranteed by President Trump.

If Assange fights this battle from within the United States, elements of the deep state or worse yet, rogue agents working on behalf of the deep state or anti-Assange political interests, could take matters into their own hands.

In another kick of the political football, Obama has now put yet another problem on Donald Trump’s White House doorstep…what to do if Assange makes good on his promise?

The best thing that could possibly happen is for Assange to negotiate safe-passage out of Britain, brokered by a Trump administration. If anyone thinks the absurd charges in Sweden could impact this, they do not realise who has pulled the strings all along in this matter.

If my suggestion is brought on board, Trump can tell his pro-Assange grassroots supporters (think Ron Paul followers and Infowars listeners) that he did the right thing regarding Assange. At the same time, he will be able to tell his deep state and Congressional opponents that he acted pragmatically rather than ethically in order to ‘move on’ from the ‘Assange problem’ instead of dragging out in a kangaroo court. Absurd though it is, some American politicians would sooner praise a pragmatic decision vis-à-vis an ethical one.

In any case, Manning won’t be free until May of this year and a lot can happen…

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