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REDUX 1963? The Deep State vs Donald Trump

Patrick-HenningsenPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Watching this week’s Senate cabinet confirmation hearings was one of the most uncomfortable sights I have ever witnessed in politics. One self aggrandizing US Senator after another, each spouting out half-truths and speaking in innuendo and supposition – as if it were historical fact. The level of ignorance about world events was breathtaking. 

Key foreign policy cabinet nominees were Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, General James Mattis for Defense Secretary, and Mike Pompeo for CIA director. All three men were grilled by a pride of chickenhawks and self-styled foreign policy experts like Senator Roger Wick (R), Marco Rubio (R), Bob Menendez (D) and of course, by Washington’s twin neoconservative ventriloquists, John McCain (R) and Lindsey Graham (R).

Particularly disturbing was the chicken-hawkish bullying by Marco Rubio of Tillerson, where the Florida Senator demanded that a future Secretary of State adopt the bellicose language of the war-monger when describing the Russian President.

YOU MUST COMPLY: Nominee Rex Tillerson is trolled by Senator Marco Rubio.

Regarding events in Syria that Rubio believes are war crimes, but of which there is zero evidence, Rubio asked, “Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal?”

Tillerson replied, “I would not use that term.”

Rubio went on to list things he’s seen on the internet and CNN about Putin’s “attacks on civilians” and accused the Russian leader of killing political opposition leaders and journalists.

Tillerson replied saying, “I would want to have much more information before reaching a conclusion,” and he called Rubio’s accusations, “very serious charges.” That would be the mature answer. But Rubio wanted Tillerson to comply.

“I find it discouraging your inability to cite that, which I think is globally accepted,” Rubio replied.

It was a disgusting display of arrogance and propaganda laundering by Rubio, like the other trolling Senators – demanding that Russia must be our enemy and we must retaliate to a ‘election hack’… which never happened.

In this new environment of irrationality and avarice, if you resist, and if you choose diplomacy and base your views on facts, then you are un-American. 

This seems to be the current culture in Washington and the mainstream media: compliance to group think – and these Senate hearings showed just how far US officials are willing to go to enforce compliance on all major issues – complying on Israel, on Putin, and on the supremacy of the “intelligence community.”

One of the only voices brave enough to speak up about the sordid scene in the Senate was California Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R), who said during a recent radio interview that “warmongers” like Rubio are sabotaging potential future relations with Russia by calling Putin a “war criminal.”

All of this follows the other regressive trend – the crypto-fascist talking point that has been advanced in recent weeks by the likes of Wolf Blitzer and other mainstream news anchors, all of whom have insinuated that if Trump or anyone else does not swallow the entire DNI Intelligence Assessment on the “Russian Hack” – then they are somehow ‘disrespecting the institution’ of the CIA or any other so-called intelligence body, or even worse, that they are unpatriotic. “Why won’t the President-Elect accept the findings of the intelligence community?!” crowed CNN’s Blitzer and other – practically brow-beating guests who appeared on the network. It’s as if the only acceptable answer was total submission. For those who are old enough to remember, this is a repeat of the Iraq War deception in 2003. Low and behold, the same media operatives and political demons have been deployed to police a similar group-think regime in 2016. That should be a clue to anyone pay attention, that we are witnessing another scam.

The following commentary may seem a bit far-fetched on the surface, but when you consider everything that has already gone down over the last 4 months in US politics, then the probability of another black swan event doesn’t seem so far-flung. 

It’s important to put this into historical context, and do a comparative analysis with John F Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs defeat – a seminal event in US geopolitics and a major set-back for the Deep State at the time, and one that was blamed on JFK’s inability to facilitate a CIA win in Cuba. A number of prominent historians and researchers have credited that defeat, along with Kennedy’s desire to break-up the CIA as a primary motive for JFK’s assassination. When you consider this against the present day back-drop of President Obama’s 5 year failure of a proxy war to overthrow the Syrian government – a war which Hillary Clinton herself instituted, there are a number a striking parallels between then and now. More striking yet, is Donald Trump’s public calls to ‘reorganise’ the intelligence agencies – a move which threatens the very fabric of the contemporary Deep State which runs Washington and the Atlanticist alliance.

In so many ways, Trump might be viewed as a moral enemy of the Deep State that has been allowed to reign unhindered by any real oversight, and accountable only to itself.

The danger seems palatable, so much so that some establishment journalists are breaking ranks by talking openly about the “Deep State” – a topic previously reserved for the fringes of political and geopolitical commentary and certainly not acceptable for debate on a mainstream broadcast TV network. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald has recently written a piece which outlines this very scenario – where the Deep State has declared war on Donald Trump, and if Trump continues to push back against these institutions, the consequences could be dire. Greenwald focused on the recent fake ‘Trump-Russia dossier‘ which he stated was the work of the Intelligence Community. Looking at these last two weeks, it is clear that such a progression of events has been advanced already:

“The serious dangers posed by a Trump presidency are numerous and manifest. There is a wide array of legitimate and effective tactics for combating those threats: from bipartisan congressional coalitions and constitutional legal challenges to citizen uprisings and sustained and aggressive civil disobedience. All of those strategies have periodically proven themselves effective in times of political crisis or authoritarian overreach. But cheering for the CIA and its shadowy allies to unilaterally subvert the U.S. election and impose its own policy dictates on the elected president is both warped and self-destructive. Empowering the very entities that have produced the most shameful atrocities and systemic deceit over the last six decades is desperation of the worst kind. Demanding that evidence-free, anonymous assertions be instantly venerated as Truth — despite emanating from the very precincts designed to propagandize and lie — is an assault on journalism, democracy, and basic human rationality. And casually branding domestic adversaries who refuse to go along as traitors and disloyal foreign operatives is morally bankrupt and certain to backfire on those doing it.”

By demonizing Russia, and then tying Donald Trump to that country, the establishment has accomplished its mission in ruining the so-called “peaceful transition of power.” Interestingly, this bizarre phrase was really only introduced by US media operatives this past fall, and for a reason. Now we can see why.

Consider what we are seeing to play-out right now – a political free-for-all, where the level of hate and irrational vitriol which has been intentionally built-up over, and is unprecedented in modern history.

Based on the events we have seen over the past two months – the Democrat-organized street protests and call to abolish the Electoral College, Democrat intimidation of electors, the pseudo ‘recount’ by the Democratic Party and their willing agent Jill Stein, the evidence-free DNI Report on the alleged ‘Russian Hack,’ and the fake ‘Trump-Russia Blackmail’ dossier, as well as radical left-wing plans to ‘shut down’ next week’s inauguration and block the transfer of power in Washington – you can be absolutely certain that the losing party will not give up and have yet to unveil some more audacious plans  designed to disrupt and possibly unseat the new 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump.    

The campaign to delegitimize this incoming President has been carefully coordinated through multiple actors; the corporate media (led by CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian), the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party, Soros-funded NGOs like MoveOn.org, the McCain-Graham faction, and quietly helped along by the White House. Theoretically speaking, and taken into context with the previous paragraph – the level of Anti-Trump public hate is so over-the-top and intense right now that (heaven forbid) should some untimely incident, either accidental or intentional, befall the new President – then the American left and its cadre of stakeholders are certain to celebrate openly and gleefully. Such an incident would invariably be followed by the proverbial, “Oh well, he had it coming.”

This is a high stakes game – much bigger in fact than any one man, or political party. Everything is at stake: NATO, the military industrial complex, the CIA, and the existence and primacy of a globalist Deep State that has ruled the US and the world since WWII. In short, the World Order, as seen by those who control the transatlantic system of international geopolitics, trade and commerce.

This should be viewed as a very sensitive matter. It goes without saying that such an incident and its predictable, engineered left-wing reaction – would inevitably trigger the beginnings of bona fide civil war in the United States.

Will Trump be able to hang a wonderful new sign in the window at Pennsylvania Ave which reads, “Change of Management”?  Not if Congress and the Deep State prefers the old management.

The following analysis by Zero Hedge, featuring a segment with Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald expands on this possibility, and provides a number evidence points which mark what could be seen as a progression of events – leading to a dystopic conclusion…


Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald on Deep State War vs. Trump, Ex-Spook Hints at Trump Assassination

Zero Point Now

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is not a fan of President-elect Trump, appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the dangerous ongoing effort among powerful anti-Trump factions within the US Government’s “Deep State,” who have collaborated with members of the Democratic Party and the traditionally liberal media to inflict maximum damage on the incoming President. Recall Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ominous “six ways from Sunday” comment from 10 days ago.

Greenwald, an accomplished litigator, journalist, and author, does a masterful job illustrating the players, motives, and potential fallout from this dangerous effort within the US Government’s intelligence apparatus. Greenwald goes deep, discussing how Trump’s election ruined the plan for regime change in Syria, specifically mentioning, among other things, that the deep state was waiting for Obama to leave office before executing their plan:

“The number one foreign policy priority of the CIA over the last four to five years has been the proxy war they’re waging in Syria to remove Bashar Al Assad – and Hillary Clinton was quite critical of Obama for constraining them. She wanted to escalate that war to unleash the CIA, to impose a no-fly zone in Syria to confront Russia, whereas Trump took the exact opposite position. He said we have no business in Syria trying to change the government, we ought to let the Russia and Assad go free and killing ISIS and Al Qaeda and whoever else they want to kill.”

“He [Trump] was a threat to the CIA’s primary institutional priority of regime change in Syria. Beyond that, Clinton wanted a much more confrontational and belligerent posture towards Moscow, which the CIA has been acrimonious with for decades, whereas Trump wanted better relations. They viewed Trump as a threat to their institutional pre-eminence to their ability to get their agenda imposed on Washington.”

What you’re seeing is actually quite dangerous. There really is at this point obvious open warfare between this un-elected, but very powerful faction that resides in Washington and sees Presidents come and go – on the one hand, and the person that the American democracy elected to be elected on the other. There’s clearly extreme conflict and subversion taking place. ‘

This really is a must-watch, and goes hand-in-hand with Tucker’s interview with Dr. Stephen Cohen this week:

Meanwhile ex-spook and security consultant John Schindler – who is very clearly part of the faction to remove Trump by any means, sent out a tweet yesterday which mentioned “taking traitor Trump out now.”



.This is overt, and Schindler also just more or less outed Washington Post’s David Ignatius as a CIA mouthpiece (along the same vein as Deep Throat, perhaps we can refer to Ignatius’s source as Golden Shower?).

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