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CNN’s Don Lemon: Is He an Alcoholic or Just a Drunk?

Day in and day out, CNN works hard to try and convince American audiences that it’s a legitimate news outlet, and it hopes that the public will take seriously the troubled news network’s various on-screen actors and quasi-journalists.

On New Year’s Eve, one of CNN’s highly paid anchors, Don Lemon could be seen on national TV in New Orleans with co-presenter Brooke Baldwin, as Lemon proceeded to pound shots of tequila live on air, slurring his speech and shouting, while simultaneously getting his ear pierced during the program. Lemon then went on to sink into a melancholy diatribe about not being in a relationship (Lemon is gay) and personal struggles with his own narcissism.

The episode prompted many critics to question his psychological state, and also to ask whether or not Lemon might have a serious drinking or substance problem.

Things got so bad that network producers had to pull the audio feed while drunk Lemon began shouting “2016 was awful.” 

On the New York City feed, onlookers from CNN were obscure female American comedian, Kathy Griffin, joined by ‘news presenter’ and actor Anderson Cooper, both of whom were enjoying the spectacle – not at all concerned with the potential damage to Lemon’s reputation as a result of his alcoholic episode on air.

Griffin could be seen shouting, “Nipples! Nipples! Nipples!” as Lemon began to unbutton his dress shirt.

Watch Don Lemon drunk on air during CNN’s New Years broadcast:


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