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The Last Clown in Aleppo: ‘Mr. Alhamdo’ Does Bad Monty Python for CNN et all

21st Century Wire says…

“This is my last message.” If you’ve been watching Western and Gulf state mainstream media coverage over the last two weeks, or even just social media, you will have seen this popular meme – the last doctor, the last hospital, the last message, the last video, the last tweet, and even the last apple. It won’t be long before ‘the last person in Aleppo’ appears on Twitter – and you can be sure that CNN and Al Jazeera will be there to give it the Orson Welles War of the Worlds treatment. 

Since it began in 2011, the Syrian Conflict has seen levels of western-oriented media propaganda and outright fakery that is almost incomprehensible. As with every western political announcement, nearly every single piece of Western and Gulf state news on Syria is spun in favor of what is called “the opposition.”  The manipulation takes many forms, but mostly it relies on self-styled “activists,” said to be reporting real events on the ground in Syria, but only exclusively from “rebel-held” areas. Since the war began, these “activist” and “rebel” reports have comprised roughly 90% (a conservative estimate) of all western mainstream media reporting. The reason for this is because western politicians and their media partners decided (based on their own fake news coverage) very early on that the Syrian government, or “The Regime” was guilty of various and sundry ‘crimes against humanity‘ and was therefore illegitimate, and thus should be categorically ignored. This is evidenced by numerous statements in support of “regime change” and “Assad must go,” as the stated foreign policies made by western leaders, namely the NATO allied nations led by the US, UK, France, Canada and Turkey.

Perhaps the most precarious of all the ‘last’ series, is “The Last Clown in Aleppo.” This story was released in early December, with coverage synchronized across every major Western mainstream media outlet. Here is what CNN reported:

“Clown and entertainer Al-Basha, 24, was killed Tuesday in a missile strike in the Mashhad neighborhood of the city’s rebel-held east, his brother Mahmoud Al-Basha told CNN.”

“Al-Basha was a director at Space for Hope, a local non-profit that has worked to provide civil services to people living in the war-torn opposition area.”

CNN stated that its footage of a “children’s party” from was shot by “activist group” Aleppo Media Center, July 2015, showing a costumed and face-painted Anas al-Basha, playing with an adorable little girl, as children sing along.

If the story of Al-Basha is exactly as CNN and the Aleppo Media Center say, then certainly it is a tragedy. It would be an even bigger tragedy however, if this person’s demise is being used to further a cynical Western political agenda.

Is such a perfect picture really possible amid the Al Nusra-occupied East Aleppo? The story portrayed in the Western media has all the hallmarks of a perfect public relations release, and based on the level of visible media manipulation going on, it’s certainly possible that this story has been twisted to demonize the Syrian state and its Russian partners.

This single story is part of a much bigger theme. You can be sure, there is much more to this story than meets the eye…


The first lie being told by CNN is an important one, and it’s hidden in plain sight. They claim that the Aleppo Media Center is an “activist group,” when in reality, any journalist with some basic research skills will discover what’s conveniently overlooked by CNN, NBC, FOX, the BBC and their ‘sister’ outlet Al Jazeera, along with the usual suspects like The Washington PostTIME and America’s number one war propaganda machine, The New York Times, – will soon discover the FACT that the Aleppo Media Center is funded by the French government (as well as funding from other western sources) for the expressed purpose of producing strictly “opposition” imagery from East Aleppo for the consumption of US, European and Gulf state mainstream media audiences. With European taxpayer money, lead operatives, who are exclusively Sunni Muslim, are then brought to France for further training and used as PR frontmen on the ‘humanitarian’ speaking circuit, designed to drum-up support for the “rebel cause” (armed terrorist fighters) and also to demonize the Syrian government in the eyes of the western public – and finally to promote the West and Gulf state’s sectarian narrative for the Middle East. When you consider this in context (which the western media are not considering) in the FACT that the dominant occupying militant force in command in East Aleppo is the Al Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda in Syria, then by default, Aleppo Media Center are producing propaganda on behalf Al Qaeda. By extension, every western mainstream media outlet involved in this process of misrepresenting the built-in bias of this information operation – is providing material and political support for internationally listed Terrorist organizations occupying sections of Syria.

SEE ALSO: Terrorist-linked Mahmoud Raslan of Aleppo Media Center Produced Staged Photo of 5 year-old Omran Daqneesh

The second lie in the CNN report is a white lie (if there is such a thing at CNN) but an important one to point out. They claimed that, “Al-Basha was a director at Space for Hope, a local non-profit that has worked to provide civil services to people living in the war-torn opposition area.”  What CNN, other media outlets, is attempting to do here is to try and characterize Terrorist-occupied East Aleppo as having a legitimate civil structure. So in effect, CNN is subtly attempting to legitimize a violent, armed takeover by force of the Eastern portion of Syria’s second largest city. This practice can be seen throughout all of their Syrian reportage. It’s also laughable that CNN would call clown Al-Basha’s ‘Space for Hope’ (which could easily be a made-up organization for narrative purposes) a “local non-profit,” as they gloss over the FACT that since it was invaded in 2012, East Aleppo had no real civil or legal standing, other than Sharia Law Courts set-up by extremist radical Islamic clerics who used terrorist fighters as their street police. After East Aleppo was liberated this week, many real reports of actual residents who escaped told a horrific story – featuring a reoccurring theme: residents of East Aleppo (with an exception of terrorists and their families, who seemed to have better living conditions than normal residents) were robbed, had food aid stolen from them, and were held hostage and used as human shields by occupying militants in their own district since 2012 – a FACT conveniently omitted from all major western media reporting. Again, this is a prime example of CNN, along with every other major media outlet, unofficially providing public relations support for internationally listed Terrorist organizations occupying sections of Syria.

Like with the cynical PR campaign of Bana of Aleppo,”  The Last Clown employs emotive cries to protect “the children” in order to somehow justify a violent Terrorist occupation of East Aleppo, used as a crass attempt at shaming the Syrian government (and its people who oppose armed terrorists) and their Russian counterparts for daring to fight against an invading terrorists forces inside of Syria. The exact same NLP program is visible through every the US State Department communication and by Washington’s visibly unstable Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. The US, UK and French government strategy (NATO information warfare strategy) is to swarm western media with endless fake and planted stories, the bulk of which are produced by two NATO state funded sources – the White Helmets and Aleppo Media Center, all designed to pull on the heart-strings of hapless western media consumers – and then send government officials onto their respective pulpits to parrot those same fake media reports – and demand that “something must be done, the children are suffering.” That something of course, is either a “ceasefire” (designed to give US, UK, Saudi, Qatari-backed terrorist mercenaries a chance to re-arm and regroup), or a “No Fly Zone” (a prelude to all-out war), or a “Safe Zone” (a refugee camp, partly for western-backed militants and their families, which will require some NATO military contingent to ‘protect’ it).

Now let’s look at one of the real clowns of Aleppo…

His name is Abdulkafi Alhamdo, and goes by the online handle of “Mr. Alhamdo,” who describes himself as a University Professor and resident in East Aleppo who is part of the “Syrian Revolution”. See Mr Alhamdo’s Twitter page here.

“They are trying to exterminate my neighborhood! Many barrel bombs!”

Here we see a key the western media script, led by the all important “barrel bomb,” supposedly a ubiquitous weapon of mass destruction. We say WMD because the White Helmets founder James LeMesurier claimed on CNN that a barrel was the equivalent of 7.6 on the Richter scale, which is equal to a nuclear bomb. Seriously:

“When one strikes, it can produce the seismological equivalent of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, the White Helmets’ James LeMesurier told CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Like many other western mainstream media talking points designed to demonize the Syria state, the ‘barrel bomb’ mythology appears to be scripted in order hide the real crime going on which is terrorists in occupied zones like East Aleppo firing mortars, missiles and DIY Hell Cannons – fired indiscriminately and killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process. These crimes are intentionally censored from nearly every single western mainstream media “journalists” reports.

There are a number of things not right about this Al Jazeera “news” segment, some of which we’ll address after this video. Watch this near ridiculous segment featuring Mr AlHamdo here:

It’s all very dramatic, if not unbelievable. Notice the Al Jazeera presenter playing along with the skit saying, “Can you take cover?”

Are the bomb sounds in this Al Jazeera news piece real? The reason we ask is because major networks have been caught faking staged war segments before, just ask CNN and Danny Dayem (see Danny’s story below).

As it turns out, Mr Alhamdo is a regular on Al Jazeera, and is also a favorite “activist” of the BBC and others. We’re told that, “Al Jazeera has been in regular contact with people in rebel-held parts of Eastern Aleppo.” Yes, of course they have, but Al Jazeera is sure to only speak with ‘rebels’ and their designated PR surrogates, like Mr. Alhamdo, or suspected US asset and al Qaeda media operative, Bilal Abdul Kareem, a regular contributor to CNN (surprise, surprise).

What is more preposterous is how in the Al Jazeera segment filmed on Dec 5, 2016, Alhamdo claims that ‘Assad’s forces are closing in on me!” – as if it was his final hour. Nearly two weeks later, he hasn’t stopped Tweeting his polemic and uploading videos, allegedly from his flat in “free” East Aleppo. So his “last hour” seems to be infinite – more proof that his over-the-top theatrics are most likely fictional. If should also be noted that there is no internet in East Aleppo, and hardly any 3G service over the last months, and yet Mr Alhamdo, and similar actors like Bana Al-Abed the famous 7 year-old Twitter prodigy and darling of the US and UK mainstream media, have somehow continuously been able to upload endless videos and social media posts online – raising the question of whether it’s really possible that they could be doing there PR campaigns from inside East Aleppo as they and the all-too gullible western media claim.

Here’s another one of Mr Alhamdo’s “last message” tweets posted on Dec 12th. Apparently this was featured on the BBC:


In this latest video (see below), Mr. Alhamdo with another “last message” uploaded on Dec 16th, where he claims that he finally tried to leave the terrorist-held district through an established, official humanitarian corridor, but then goes on to accuse the Syrian Red Crescent aid organization and the “Assad Regime” of playing “tricks” on him which kept poor Mr Alhamdo from exiting his Terrorist-held utopian Free State of East Aleppo – thus furthering the NATO government and western media narrative that ‘Assad’ is somehow keeping residents from escaping to safety which is factually untrue, while totally ignoring numerous reports of Terrorists threatening and shooting innocent residents trying to flee their illegal captivity.  Mr Alhamdo is pictured also with a militant claiming that Hezbollah (Lebanese militia) are robbing women of their money and belongings on the way out.  This is pure western propaganda being produced by western media operative Mr Alhamdo. Watch: 

The flamboyant media character with the biting sweaky voice, known as ‘Mr Alhamdo’ was first introduced to the west in August 2016 – arranged by the BBC. In that initial interview, Mr Alhamdo was used by the BBC to further the narrative of a “chemical weapons attack” allegedly by ‘the Regime’. In fact, this talking point was proven to be another fake, or falsely attributed event designed to blame the Syrian government for using chemical weapons.

Here is another “last message from Mr Alhamdo uploaded around Dec 12th, this time claiming that the world has let him down and the armed militants down, denied them their “freedom,” and even has the temerity to blame the United Nations and the Western Media (who have been giving his staged videos prime time coverage for the last 3 months) for his untimely would-be demise.

NOTE: After watching enough of Alhamdo’s “last video” messages, the annoying factor might drive some viewers to wish that it was his last video. Watch: 

Like every other “activist” featured on the Western and Gulf mainstream media outlets, and like every terrorist and militant group operating in Syria, Alhamdo is pushing the language of sectarianism – constantly tweeting that “Iranian” and “Iraqi militias” have invaded Syria and are somehow taking over the country.

Here is another version of the same “last video” apparently produced by Qatari state media, Al Jazeera (note that Qatar are actively funding terrorist fighting groups in Syria) with some ‘mood music’ added as a soundtrack for extra effect. If that’s not propaganda, then what is?

It’s no coincidence that this theme of sectarianism is echoed verbatim by Neoconservative warhawks in the US and their allies. The reason behind this scripting should be well-known by now. You can call it Imperialism, or Neocolonialism, but the principle is the same: divide and rule. By playing various ethnic and religious groups off against each other, the Europeans have managed to rule over their colonies and protectorates for centuries. Today is no different. This is how the US managed to bring Iraq to its knees – not only through its own military force, but more deeply through fostering and exacerbating sectarian divisions between Iraqi Shi’ites (Shia) Muslims, and Sunni Muslims, but also between Iraqi Christians, Kurds, and Yazidis.

Here we can see Mr. Alhamdo reading from the script:

What Mr Alhamdo and his Muslim Brotherhood associates, along with their cohorts from Al Nusra Front, Arar al Sham, Nour al-din al-Zinki, Jaish al Fatah are not telling you – is that terrorists brigades have effectively held residents in East Aleppo as both hostage and human shield for the last four years

It should be noted that, according to multiple resident testimonies, the militants which Mr. Alhamdo is cheering on have robbed 150,000 plus residents and their children of four years of their lives, and many more after. They have also taken many lives in East Aleppo – according to multiple eye-witness reports of fleeing residents over the last 10 days – testifying how their terrorist captors have looted, murdered, tortured, and raped many residents of East Aleppo since they captured the area at gunpoint in 2012. The ‘Rebels’ have also murdered at least 11,000 innocent residents, including many children and women (unlike the White Helmets invented numbers, these names and dates are all documented by the Aleppo Medical Association), who took shelter on the other side of the city in West Aleppo.

Of course, when looking for Mr. Al Hamdo, you will also find the Twitter phenom Bana…

Is Mr. Alhamdo the media handler for Bana of Aleppo? It seems so. A number of videos and images place them together, but also we can see the same manipulative, cynical, outlandish and narcissistic tone in both Mr Alhamdo’s and Bana’s media packages – which could very well indicate that Abdulkafi Alhamdo is involved in the production and dissemination of the Bana material.

In this video posted on Nov 6th, apparently from East Aleppo, Mr Al Hamdo is on camera again with the 7 year-old Bana. When asked to speak with no cue cards, the child Bana cannot really speak English at all:

Here is another “last message” from Bana, way back on November 28th, seen in this ridiculous video produced by CNN. If was one of many “last videos” and “last messages” produced by Western media operatives

“Tonight we have no house, it’s bombed and I got in rubble. I saw deaths and I almost died,” Bana Alabed tweeted. Watch:

For more background the media fakery used for the US Coalition’s Bana Project, visit these two comprehensive articles:

SEE ALSO: When Bana Al-Abed Blocked @21WIRE on Twitter

SEE ALSO: Child Exploitation: Who is ‘Bana of Aleppo’?

It’s important to point out here that any embarrassment from the exposure of the Bana as a fake PR campaign it is not the fault of the 7 year-old Bana Al-Abed, but rather the fault of the shameless adults who would use this young child to promote their own brand of religious extremist politics – in a war zone. If Bana does have her real parents around, then these parents’ are certainly guilty of using an unwitting child for the purposes of demagoguery.

The worst part of this is that these great and good western media ‘professionals’ seem to have absolutely no problem with any of this, so long as it sells their narrative.

ALEPPO: Activists Cry ‘Genocide!’

Another western media operative on the ground in East Aleppo is a female “activist” named Lina Al Shamywho famously claimed this week that “The Regime” was somehow engaged in genocide” by liberating East Aleppo from Al Nusra and occupying terrorist forces. She also falsely claims that residents who try to leave East Aleppo were facing mass executions by firing squad  at the hands of ‘regime’ soldiers. This over-the-top claim seems to be part of the western mainstream media’s agreed script for this event – even though it has no basis in reality.  

Spreading fake news: Michael Weiss, The Daily Beast.

Spreading fake news: Michael Weiss.

Al Shamy’s false claims are directly in line with the western establishment hysterical reactions to Al Nusra and associates’ defeat in East Aleppo. Other wild and false claims include accusations that the Syrian Army had ‘unleashed death squads’ who were breaking down families’ doors and executing civilian residents in their homes in East Aleppo, and that they were openly ‘executing women and children in the street,’ and ‘burning children in the street,’ along with more wildly fictional reports being circulated through US mainstream media mainly by Michael Weiss (image, left) of The Daily Beast who is also an “expert” for CNN. Weiss claimed in print and on US television that Syrian Army was committing ‘mass rape’ against residents of East Aleppo. His article entitled, Women in Aleppo Choose Suicide Over Rape, Rebels Report, made a number of outlandish claims including:

“Activists and rebels in the besieged city say mass executions have begun and children are burned alive as Assad’s Iranian- and Russian-backed forces move in.”

Not surprisingly, aside from unnamed “UN sources”, Weiss claims to have received his information from none other than the discredited US and UK-financed pseudo ‘NGO’ known as the White Helmets. By definition, such wild and reckless statements by Michael Weiss is the absolute pinnacle of fake news. 

When it comes to clowns, none are more prolific in their performance than the famous White Helmets. Watch this ridiculous ‘rescue’ video where they save a child and her rag doll – both in mint condition after supposedly being buried under rubble. Pure comedy. Watch:

In her viral video, ‘activist’ Al Shamy also falsely claims that the supposed 50,000 remaining residents in East Aleppo are all “fighting the regime,” a claim that also fits nicely in the western mythology that East Aleppo was the birthplace of some grand people’s revolution or democracy movement, when in reality it was under armed terrorist occupation – where the only free’ people were armed terrorists, their families and helpful operatives like Al Shamy.

Watch Lina Al Shamy clearly reading off of a script in her famous viral “Last Video” disinformation extravaganza here: 

Watch another “last video” seen here by Al Shamy as she manages to apparently leave East Aleppo through a government managed humanitarian corridor unharmed.

Interestingly, Al Shamy speaks with a slight British accent, indicating she has either spent some years in the UK, or is British educated. Clearly, Al Shamy is nested within a militant-controlled district and has been advocating on their behalf of the ‘rebels’ in the Western media, while playing along with the US-UK media word game which categorically labels all militants and terrorists in East Aleppo as “rebels,” and “moderate rebels,” and as “opposition,” while calling the Syrian government “The Regime” in an attempt to delegitimize real Syria state institutions.

Watch RT’s Anissa Naouai expose the ridiculousness of the western media’s “activists” in Syria:

Oscar Winning ‘Syria Danny’

Let us not forget another British agent, and the man who started it all in Syria, the progenitor of the “activist” acting genre for the “Syrian Revolution,” CNN’s own Danny Abul Dayem, aka “Syria Danny.”

Again, we see the same script designed for western audiences – blaming the UN for not acting, demonizing “The Regime,” all the while trying to shame the West into either bombing or invading Syria. It nearly worked though, because unfortunately for Danny and so many other western media “activist” actors, the facts have never lived up to their exaggerated and manipulative narratives.

Here is a compilation of Danny’s media packages, ending with a fake, scripted newscast complete with fake gunfire and background sounds – which Danny organized with CNN, working in partnership with Anderson Cooper. Watch: 

Normally, a network should loose their broadcasting license for creating fake wartime news reports – but for networks like CNN this is simply par for the course.

Here is another British media creation going under the fake name of “Alexander Page” whose real name is Rami Jarah. Here is Jarah playing the role of Alexander Page for CNN broadcast on June 29, 2011:

Early on in the Syrian war, a common western media practice was to acquire real footage of a pro-government rally and then spin it as a anti-government or “pro-democracy” protest. Certainly, based on their other fake war reports, CNN is not beyond that level of manipulation. Based on numerous reports of such rallies in Syria and the subsequent fake spin by western media outlets – this appears to be what Jarah did with CNN.

Later, we find British operative Dayem flanked by fellow British operative Jarah (see video below). It’s important to note here that after Dayem was exposed in 2013 for producing fake reports for CNN, he disappeared from the scene. In the following video from January 2016, we see Jarah, supposedly reporting from East Aleppo (but could just as easily be in either Idlib, Syria, or at Western intelligence forward operating locations in Gaznientep or Istanbul, Turkey) talking to Danny Dayem who is playing the role of a revolutionary street peasant in East Aleppo. Watch:

Investigator Cory Morningstar explain how this actor was used across multiple western media platforms to disseminate NATO member state propaganda:

While Danny was being caught out fabricating the bombing and shelling stories for CNN, Jarrah was a little more cunning.  However, his 2011/12 reports are still full of holes and inaccuracies.  Under his then pseudonym of Alexander Page, Jarrah announces on the BBC that the Syrian Navy is shelling Latakia, a story later deconstructed and utterly discredited by inhabitants and analysts inside Latakia.  See Sharmine Narwani’s report, suitably entitled “Hollywood in Homs & Idlib:

It reminds me of August 2011 news reports of warships shelling the coastal city of Latakia. Three separate sources – two opposition figures from the city and an independent western journalist – later insisted there were no signs of shelling. It was also the first time I learned from Syrians that you can burn rubber tires on rooftops to simulate the after-effects of exploded shells.” ~ Sharmine Narwani

When we look at Danny and Jarrah’s  timelines from 2011, the inception of the long incubated war on Syria, we see that they run parallel.  Both grew up and were educated in the UK.  Once in Syria, Danny was based in Homs and his rambling, excitable reports were the mainstay of the Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN anti Assad incitement. Rami Jarrah was based in and around Damascus, where he also churned out breathlessly emotive & well scripted renditions of the “burgeoning revolution” theme tune.

They both fled Syria to Cairo around September 2011.  Danny states in a few interviews that he worked in “an activists operations room” in Cairo.  Jarrah gave birth to another Soros test tube baby,  ANA Press, in Cairo.  Coincidence or synergy?”

In other word, completely fake – and with the full cooperation of CNN, the BBC, and SKY News. Knowing this, why would any ever trust a word any of these media outlets say about Syria? Western mainstream media producers and editors have sold out to their governments’ wishes to only cover events according to US, UK and Gulf state-approved themes. At every turn, mainstream media are ignoring all facts on the ground that run contrary to approved western narratives.

In addition to this, for the last 5 years those same western mainstream media producers have not even attempting to give equal time or any balanced coverage of events in Syria – intentionally conspiring to only report from the view of the “rebel opposition” (proven to be ubiquitous with terrorist mercenaries – this is a FACT). By doing so, western mainstream media outlets have sided with, and are giving promotion to radical salafi Islamic terrorism. Based on US and European law, this could easily be construed as both unethical, and also a criminal act. That, and the fact that the West is also arming those terrorist factions, should be more than a concern to any law-abiding citizen (even it’s not a concern for ‘journalists’ at CNN).

Until the western media stop lying for their governments’ agenda, then this war will continue.


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