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Hannity Interview with Julian Assange: Wikileaks Source is NOT The Russian Government

21st Century Wire says…

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has broken away from the majority of Western news reporters and has gone to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange to ask him directly, “Was your source for the DNC leaks of Russian origin?”

Watch the interview below: How refreshing to see a mainstream media commentator actually look into the unfounded claims of Russian hacker involvement in the DNC leaks and the US Presidential election.

Alex Christoforou
The Duran

Hannity interviews Julian Assange, who once again confirms that Russia had no role to play in the Wikileaks email leak.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is perhaps the first main stream media commentator who has gone deeper on the Russian election hacker “fake news” story than other MSM journalist.

Hannity interviewed Julian Assange, who once again confirmed that Russia and “no state actor” was the source of the Wikileaks Podesta emails or DNC leaks.

Hannity is also the only MSM show to explore the Craig Murray report, that chronicles the genesis of the leaks…stating that the former Ambassador had met with the source of the email leaks…confirming and corroborating Assange’s factual claim that no state actor, including Russia, was involved in any kind of “hack” or leak.

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