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US Establishment to Trump: ‘Do Not Even Think About Détente with Russia’

21st Century Wire says…

What is really behind the current US establishment conspiracy theory that, “Russia hacked the US elections to help Donald Trump win”?

Here’s a great discussion on the Russian hack, Donald Trump’s foreign policy, the reality in Aleppo, and other EU plots being floated including an attempt to bribe Bashar al-Assad with cash in order to allow terrorists to terrorize Syria…

CrossTalk: It is hard to believe, but the American election isn’t over yet – and it’s apparently Russia’s fault. Also, is the new meme “Assad will stay?” And, Trump’s ‘world view.’
CrossTalking with host Peter Lavelle, and guests Mark Sleboda, Alex Christoforou, and Martin Jay.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue