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CIA Claims of Russian Intervention in US Election Fall Flat

21st Century Wire says…

How seriously can we take a “secret CIA assessment” that Russian intervention in the U.S. Presidential election played a role in the victory of President Elect Donald J. Trump when it comes from an organization that has intervened extensively in so many countries’ sovereign governments?

The Anti-Media
The Daily Sheeple

According to a “secret CIA assessment,” Russia intervened in the U.S. election to undermine confidence in the electoral system and boost support for Donald Trump.

The president-elect has already rejected this notion, though the implications of claims regarding Russian involvement are still unclear.

vladimir-putin-wikimediaOnce again, this kind of pro-Clinton/anti-Russian-based narrative has already been completely debunked. For example, in his recent article, “Anonymous Leaks to the WashPost About the CIA’s Russia Beliefs Are No Substitute for Evidence,” Glenn Greenwald brilliantly explains why this story does not merit our attention. He astutely notes:

“There is still no such evidence for any of these claims. What we have instead are assertions, disseminated by anonymous people, completely unaccompanied by any evidence, let alone proof. As a result, none of the purported evidence — still — can be publicly seen, reviewed, or discussed. Anonymous claims leaked to newspapers about what the CIA believes do not constitute proof, and certainly do not constitute reliable evidence that substitutes for actual evidence that can be reviewed.”

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