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ALEPPO UPDATES: Civilians Flee to Safety as NATO & Gulf State-Funded Insurgents are Driven Out of East Aleppo ~ Pierre Le Corf

The momentum has shifted in Aleppo this week as the Syrian Army begin to advance, steadily driving out Western and Gulf-backed terrorist fighters from their occupied enclaves in Eastern Aleppo. 21WIRE will post new updates as we receive information…

Families fleeing terrorist occupied East Aleppo for Syrian Government held West Aleppo. (Photo: Pierre Le Corf)

21st Century Wire says…

Further updates from East and West Aleppo provided by young French national, Pierre Le Corf, who is working as an independent humanitarian volunteer on the borders between East and West Aleppo.

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“As the battles rage, civilians are taking advantage of them to escape from East Aleppo in their thousands, running from the areas occupied by the extremist factions.  They are escaping via the humanitarian corridors, really good news. Those who had tried to flee, using these same corridors in the last few weeks had been murdered by the terrorists.

Recently, in East Aleppo, the food rations had driven the civilian population to protest against the withholding of supplies by their occupiers. The terrorists had fired live ammunition into the crowds to disperse them.  For these militants, its important to keep the maximum number of civilians in these zones as human shields but today, the situation got out of their control.

However, this does not prevent them from killing civilians in West Aleppo as punishment.  The worst, is that they will only surrender when they have exhausted the stock of bullets, mortars, rockets and missiles that they are using against us.

If peace eventually comes to Aleppo or at least if the terrorist zones are pushed back, it will come at a price.”

French Version:

Avec les combats, les civils en profitent pour s’échapper par milliers des zones tenues par les djihadistes, ils partent hors des corridors, une vraie bonne nouvelle, ceux qui ont essayé par les corridors les dernières semaines avaient été abbatus par les terroristes.

Récemment à l’Est le rationnement de nourriture a conduit la population à manifester et leur réclamer plus de vivres (qu’ils contrôlent), les terroristes ont tiré à balles réelles pour les disperser. Ils essayent de garder un maximum de civils dans leurs zones comme boucliers humains mais la situation leur échappe aujourd’hui.

Ce qui ne les empêche pas de continuer à tuer les civils ici par punition, le pire étant qu’ils ne se rendront pas avant d’avoir épuisé leurs stocks de balles mortiers roquettes missiles sur nous. Si la “paix” vient à arriver ici, du moins les zones terroristes à distance suffisante, elle ne sera pas gratuite



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