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CBS 60 Minutes Withheld Trump’s Appeal to ‘Stop Attacking Minorities,’ and Ignored Reports of Attacks on Trump Supporters

J.R. Smith
21st Century Wire

The election campaign might be over, but the mainstream media’s campaign against President Elect Donald Trump is in full swing. 

Between all of the fake polling, intentionally pro-Clinton partisan coverage, and mainstream media collusion with the Democratic National Party and the Clinton Campaign exposed through WikiLeaks’ Podesta email dump – nearly the entire US mainstream media is now in full damage-limitation mode desperately trying to preserve any crumb of credibility and perceived authority they might have left.

It’s now become clear that the media is guilty on multiple fronts, as more proof has emerged of how they are helping to stoke violence, while promoting unfounded fears – and all the while pushing fictional ‘hate crime’ hoaxes.

CBS News flagship investigative program 60 Minutes conducted a recorded interview with  Trump on Friday in which he made a direct plea on camera to any possible supporters to “Stop it,” in reference to anyone that may have written racist slogans or abusive language in public, or at schools. In light of the numerous pockets of protests and outbreaks of partisan violence which have racked America since the election results were announced last week, it would have been in the public interest to release this powerful appeal by Trump, but instead mainstream CBS buried it for 3 days until 60 Minutes was scheduled to air later on Sunday evening nationwide. If CBS had any credibility remaining, this certainly will have finished it off.


When told about alleged reports of a ‘Trump supporter’ who were said to have been harassing Latinos and Muslims following his presidential win, Trump told interviewer Leslie Stahl, “I am so saddened to hear that.” He then added, “And I say, ‘Stop it.’ If it helps, I will say this – and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.'”

One big thing in this incident that many mainstream media observers did not pick up is that at no time did Stahl give any specifics on these alleged “abuses” by Trump supporters against Muslims and Latinos, and even though it’s obvious that Trump was not responsible for directing any alleged abuses – Stahl still demanded an apology on their behalf – without offering any evidence to support her claim. This was ‘drive-by’ media at its worst. In fact, not one of these said accusations of abuse have been properly investigated by the media, and some may end up actually being media-generated rumors, or even hoaxes.

Now, it’s perfectly understandable that Trump’s victory over the establishment’s heavily inflated candidate Hillary Clinton has left many Democrats, especially millennial college-aged students upset, angry and feeling more than a little delicate due to their bruised collective egos (they are not upset that Trump won, as much as they are upset that ‘they’ lost). The real problem exists far beyond the learned immaturity of America’s politically correct-obsessed young adults. The real danger is that Democratic Party gutter operatives and their liberal media cohorts are actually staging, and fabricating “hate crime” incidents in order to propagate the idea that the President Elect and his supporters are somehow “causing many minorities fearful about the future”.  In reality, much of this hype is being generated through these same liberal media outlets.

In fact, one Muslim female from Louisiana has since been forced to apologize for inventing her alleged ‘hate crime’ incident – one designed to discredit Trump, and to help stoke more nationwide protests.

Buzzfeed reported, via Religion of Peace:

A woman who claimed she was attacked and robbed by two men near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, including one wearing a Donald Trump hat, made up the story, police said in a statement.

The woman had alleged the men yelled obscenities at her and took away her wallet and hijab, a scarf sometimes worn by Muslim women, The Advertiser reported.

Lafayette Police officials said in a statement the incident is no longer under investigation, the paper reported.

“During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males,” the statement reportedly read.

NOTE: This story made national headlines and was not questioned or challenged by the hordes of self-described “journalists” who populate the news and editorial newsrooms of America’s corrupt liberal mainstream media.

That’s right – this was just another hoax:

Violent Democratic-Affiliated Street Gangs

What Leslie Stahl and the rest of the gatekeepers at CBS and 60 Minutes have obscured is the fact since Tuesday’s election, nearly all of the so-called ‘violent hate crimes’ have been carried out against Trump supporters – by street gangs who are most clearly Democrat Party supporters.

Here are just a few examples:

Watch this clip taken from the radical leftist Portland protests this weekend, where Democratic Party supports attack a single woman in her car because they believed that she was a ‘Trump supporter.’ These violent incidents reveal the flavor of anarchy which the Democratic Party and the sitting President of the United States, Barack Obama – are condoning through their deaf silence over the multiple reports of street violence unleashed with the help of the Democratic Party’s online ‘community organizer’ network MoveOn.org – a digital platform partly funded by leading Clinton donor and billionaire George Soros. Watch this stunning clip:

Here is a video of clip of a white male in Chicago, 49 yr old David Wilcox, who was driving and scraped another vehicle. When the two parties stopped at the intersection to exchange insurance information, Wilcox was greeted by a gang of African-Americans, presumably Democratic Party supporters, who began pointing and shouting, “You voted for Donald Trump!” before beating and robbing the man in the middle of the street. Wilcox was then dragged hundreds of yards as he tried to keep the gang from stealing his car in broad daylight. He was treated for multiple wounds at a local hospital.

From reports we learned that at no time before the attack took place did Wilcox display any support for Donald Trump. It appears as if they attacked him because he was white. So could one call this a case of black on white racism? Regardless, it’s political intimidation done on the street – which could also be defined as pure political fascism. In this instance, the violence was partisan, and carried out by what could be classed as unofficial Democrat foot soldiers – enforcing a type of radical political regime on the streets of America. Watch this disturbing video:

Agitator and Chief: Where is Obama?

These incidents have been mostly blacked out by a national US media who are obviously still working to discredit the Trump Presidency.

obamaAmidst all this violence, however, where is the current President Obama, or the Democratic Party’s losing candidate Hillary Clinton – to help calm street thugs and violent ‘progressives’? It’s almost as if Obama and Clinton are enjoying the unrest. Most certainly though, Obama, Clinton and the Democratic Party are hoping to use this week’s media-generated liberal angst as future political leverage.

What used to be regarded as a reputable investigative news program, 60 minutes, has gradually become a joke. It seems disinterested in covering anything of genuine interest, opting instead for running bland People Magazine and Time Magazine-style ‘safe’ segments. Judging by its plummeting ratings, and its predictable cast of  ‘job for life’ government-approved media gatekeeper-cum-commentators like Anderson Cooper and Lesley Stahl, there is little hope for this institution. You might even say it’s irredeemable.

CNN's establishment gatekeeper Brian Stetler.

One of the corporate mainstream’s worst offenders during the election was CNN host Brian Stelter (photo, left), whose own show is ironically titled “Reliable Sources.” Stelter is meant to be CNN’s media watchdog person, laughably given the lofty title as “senior media analyst.” After leading CNN’s own exposed efforts to obscure and derail Trump’s Presidential run, while working to cover for a hugely unpopular (even among Democrats) Hillary Clinton candidacy, Stelter has now taken it upon himself to revamp his network’s horrible reputation as an establishment gatekeeper and manipulator of US elections. But it’s too late. The damage has already been done, and CNN will not regain the hanging facade of credibility it once struggled to retain. They are a dirty media outlet, and now everyone knows it.

Now CBS News has been exposed in public view, but their crime is even worse than CNN’s which was just dirty politics in comparison. CBS News took it upon itself to compromise public safety, and put lives at risk – all for its own selfish institutional political position. Twenty years ago, this might have been considered shameful, but in today’s toxic liberal media establishment ruled by an unhealthy feeling of superiority over the unwashed masses – they are all way past shameless at this stage.

None of them can be trusted anymore – only tolerated, in the hope that they might actually report some useful news in the coming years.

More on the CBS 60 Minutes scandal from The Hill…

COSMETIC: CBS’s Stahl represents the shallow, bland irrelevance of the mainstream gatekeeping media. 

Joe Concha
The Hill

CBS News is under fire for holding a videotaped clip from a Friday interview with President-elect Donald Trump urging supporters not to attack minorities until a “60 Minutes” broadcast on Sunday night.

“I am very surprised to hear that. I hate to hear it,” Trump told interviewer Lesley Stahl when told of some attacks on minorities that have reportedly occurred since his election victory Tuesday.

“I am so sorry to hear it, and I say stop it,” Trump said before looking directly into the camera. “And I say right to the camera, stop it.”

“60 Minutes” did release quotes from the Friday interview in advance, but only a statement by Trump on the Affordable Care Act.

“We chose to release a quote on the issue that affects the most Americans & that was his statement on Obamacare,” a spokesperson for CBS told CNN Monday.

Kai Ryssdal, host of “Marketplace,” called that reasoning “completely underwhelming.”

Protests have grown in the wake of Trump’s victory in major cities across the country.

Not all protests have been peaceful. A protester was shot in Portland last Thursday and hospitalized. Hundreds of arrests have been made, property has been damaged and traffic has snarled due to roads being blocked by protesters chanting “Impeach Trump” and “Not my president.”…

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