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Finally, Obama Speaks: Americans Need to ‘Reconcile Themselves’ with a Trump Presidency

21st Century Wire says…

There is an amazing scene unfolding in America…

While the Democratic Party’s ‘community organizing’ machine helps ignite street protests, and even some violence, on streets nationwide – the Democratic President goes in front of the press this morning saying, “Look, the people have spoken. Donald Trump will be the next president.”

After a week of concentrated unrest, the President has been totally silent about street protests rejecting the election result – almost as a wink and a knod, quietly encouraging, or perhaps tempting a boiling point. When will President directly engage the American people on this issue?

Certainly, if this situation were reversed, the media would be demanding that a Republican president go to the American people calling for calm – and to accept the American media’s newly invented term, “the peaceful transition of power.”

More ‘leading from behind’ in Washington…

Gregory Korte
USA Today

President Obama is answering questions about the election, the presidential transition and his legacy Monday at a White House news conference — his first since voters handed the White House over to a candidate who promised to dismantle his agenda.

Appearing relaxed and reflective, Obama said Americans had to “reconcile themselves” to the Trump presidency, but that he was optimistic about the country and his Democratic party.

He also made clear that he has things he wants to accomplish before he leaves office. “We’re going to make sure that we finish what we started, that we don’t let up in these last two months,” he said.

Obama said his White House team should be proud of what they’ve accomplished. “We’ve already ensured that when we turn over the keys, the car is in pretty good shape. We are indisputably in a better position now than we were when I came in eight years ago.”

(…) At the Monday news conference, Obama addressed:

► The outcome of the election: “Look, the people have spoken. Donald Trump will be the next president, the 45th president of the United States. Those who didn’t vote for him have to understand, that’s how the system works. That’s how democracy operates,” he said. “Whenever you have an incoming president on the other side, particularly after a contentious election like we’ve had, it takes a while for people to reconcile themselves to that new reality. Hopefully it’s a reminder that elections matter.”

His Oval Office meeting with Trump: “Probably the most important point that I made was that how you staff, particularly the chief of staff, the national security adviser, the White House counsel … that’s something that has to be attended to right away,” he said. “I think it’s important to give him the room and the space to do that.”

Obama said he told Trump he was encouraged by his more conciliatory tone since the election. “Gestures matter, and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him … those are the kinds of things that can set the tone to move forward once he takes office.”

The future of the Democratic party: “It’s a healthy thing for the Democratic party to go through some reflection. I think it’s important for me not to be bigfooting that conversation. We want to see new voices and new views emerge,” he said…

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