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Hillary’s Secret Weapon: Evan McMullin is CIA-Goldman Sachs candidate, backed by Mitt Romney’s Wall Street Machine

J.R. Smith
21st Century Wire

Much has been made by Democrat Hillary Clinton and the White House’s accusation that “Russia is trying to influence US elections,” although neither has presented any real evidence to back up this extraordinary claim. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence documenting the CIA interfering and altering numerous foreign elections throughout history. This raises an interesting question: would the CIA ever try to interfere in an US election? 

Evan McMullin is a 40-year-old self-described conservative Mormon – and ‘former’ CIA operative.

“I enjoyed being a grey man,” said McMullin of his 11 years in the CIA.

On the wall in his Salt Lake City campaign offices is a poster which reads “007 for President.”

That’s a bit worrying, if indeed McMullin fancies himself as a James Bond character, but in a way it really sums up what his presidential run is all about – working in the ‘grey’ areas, in back room meetings with GOP establishment luminaries, colored by private and public deception. It’s what the CIA has specialized in for decades; manipulating and perverting hundreds of overseas elections – all in the interest of transnational corporate elites (like Mitt Romney), and now it seems they have an inside man nested in another key position…

Oddly, the media often introduces him as a “conservative columnist” – seemingly in an effort to distract from his total insider pedigree. McMullin is no ‘newcomer’ or fresh face – he is a career operative, inserted into special niches, including his most recent stint as Congressional director of GOP policy. Now he’s come out of the shadows to play a key role in the US election – on behalf of some very powerful interests.

According to Real Clear Politics, McMullin describes his work as a clandestine operative for the CIA in both Iraq and Afghanistan, in “all the war zones post-9/11 until 2010 and most of the other hostile environments”. He admits his job was to “penetrate insurgent and terrorist groups as well as foreign governments”, recruiting agents to pass information “to take these people off the battlefield – either capture or kill them.”

Interesting skill set, “penetrating” governments. We can safely assume that also entails subverting elections overseas, or maybe using Saudi Arabian cash to buy weapons for Jihadi terrorist ‘rebels’ in Syria.

Not surprisingly, McMullin trumpets a loud anti-Putin and anti-Assad rhetoric which is almost perfectly in synchronization with that of Hillary Clinton’s. Like Clinton, McMullin relies on a campaign of fear set against Russia and Syria in an attempt to try to bracket Trump togther with other overseas leaders currently under a ‘demonization order’ by the Washington DC establishment.

“Donald Trump is an authoritarian just like Vladimir Putin, just like Bashar Al-Assad, just like the Communist regime in China.”

“I have worked against and around authoritarians overseas and I know them when I see them. Donald Trump is one of them. He would bring the same kind of economic stagnation, internal turmoil and discord to our country that other dictators bring to their own.”

“I’m sure the Kremlin considers Donald Trump by far its most successful intelligence operation ever.

“It’s very clear that Vladimir Putin and his regime have some control over Donald Trump. Trump’s support for Putin is the only thing he has been consistent on.”

The following is straight off of McMullin’s campaign website, under the heading of, America’s Role in the World:

“Evan will impose tougher sanctions on Russia and increase America’s military presence in the Baltics in order to deter and reverse Putin’s aggression, rather than pretending that he is a partner for peace in Syria. Evan will stand up for the rights of American and allied ships to sail freely in international waters, rather than letting China dominate the Western Pacific.”

This statement could’ve just as well have written by the CIA’s office of forward information planning, or from the office of Hillary 2016, take your pick.

The next line in his résumé should also throw up a big red flag: he’s also a former operative at Goldman Sachs investment bank. So, CIA and Goldman Sachs. Aside from bank-rolling Bill and Hillary Clinton’s political machine for the better part of the last 15 years, Goldman also backed Mitt Romney’s failed 2012 presidential run.

The connections here between all of these establishment players is undeniable – with McMullin sitting comfortably in his CIA “grey” area.

Stealing Utah for Hillary

“If we can send a strong message here from Utah, it will change the discussion in Washington and across this country,” said McMullin.

This is the problem with the contrived McMullin campaign: it will not impact the national political discussion.

Since he announced his candidacy three months ago on August 8, 2016, his ‘campaign’ has only really existed inside Utah, but conveniently amplified by an US corporate mainstream media – and the very same media outlets that have been demonstrably pro-Clinton, anti-Sanders and anti-Trump since the very beginning of the presidential race.

Evan McMullin’s primary directive seems to be to steal Utah’s 6 electoral votes away from Republican candidate Donald Trump – who is currently enjoying a comfortable lead over Hillary Clinton in Utah. Recent polls show Trump and McMullin running neck and neck in Utah, at 30% and 29% respectively. In an already tight national race between Trump and Clinton, those 6 electoral votes could easily decide the national election – in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Aside from Utah, McMullin is also hoping to steal away Republic votes in key states with substantial Mormon populations like Arizona, Idaho, and Wyoming. McMullin is hoping to exploit Mormon voter blocks over the issue of Donald Trump’s bolshy demeanor and alleged past sex scandals – a negative which will resonate with conservative Mormon voters in places like Utah.

Based on the incredible amount of national media access he’s being given across all of the top establishment broadcast TV networks, it’s pretty clear that the McMullin campaign is being engineered at the highest levels. For a candidate who appeared from nowhere in the last two months, he’s enjoyed carte blanche airtime, including softball interviews on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, The Week with George Stephanopoulos, as well as primetime slots on pro-Clinton media outlets CNN, CBS, NBC, and of course, on Democratic Party channel MSNBC.

Here’s his debutant spot on Morning Joe, where McMullin waxes on about how, “George Bush kept this country safe after 9/11”, and other familiar platitudes:

Mitt Romney’s Plan to Derail Trump

When McMullin speaks, you can almost hear the voice of Mitt Romney and the old GOP establishment.

“If the Republican Party can’t make the changes, as wasn’t able to do after 2012, the conservative movement will need a new political vehicle,” said McMullin to Stephanopoulos.

From these sort of statements, we can see that the object of McMullin’s campaign is the same as Romney’s – to keep the Republican candidate from winning on November 8th.

mitt-romneyEstablishment scion Mitt Romney (photo, left) and his Wall Street partners are desperate, and deathly frightened that if Donald Trump wins, he will build a new GOP power base – one which is not based on a tight elite Wall Street investment bank circle that uses men like Romney as their intermediary to control govemnent affairs and fix markets – but rather, real people power based on grassroots, working class and middle class voters.

The other subtle piece of the McMullin deception is how he constantly spins in the mainstream media about how a Clinton victory is already a fait accompli. In other words: ‘Trump has already lost, so cast your vote for me as a protest vote against the winner, Hillary Clinton.’ By applying that subtle spin, McMullin hopes to avoid being fingered as Mitt Romney’s #NeverTrump tool.

Getting on enough ballots in enough states requires money, and a political machine. Enter the Team Romney… 

McMullin’s ability to get on the ballot in 11 states, and also ‘write-in’ access in 32 others, was financed and run by a 501c3 Not for Profit organization which, like McMullin, suddenly popped up this year. It’s called, “Better For America,” said to be founded by GOP operatives John Kingston and Joel Searby.

When asked whether or not he’s backed by Mitt Romney, McMullin always says ‘no’, but the facts say otherwise. Here we can see clearly that McMullin is a creation of Mitt Romney’s so-called #NeverTrump Movement. McMullin’s primary backer in this project appears to be Kingston, who just happens to be a former GOP delegate from Massachusetts and donor to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, as well as executive producer for the 2014 documentary, Mitt.

In addition, McMullin’s running mate is former Mitt Romney campaign staffer, Mindy Finn. Aside from working in the Bush Administration, Finn also worked for Twitter and Google, specifically building their tech networks with the Washington Beltway. Another total insider.

McMullin has also been working with former Mitt Romney campaign strategist Stuart Stevens.

Behind the patriotic rhetoric in Better For America’s marketing spin is well-financed, laser focused operation to steal Utah from the Republican party. In public, the organization claims that:

We deserve better than two candidates that are deeply unfavorable among a majority of the people they claim to represent.”

“Together, we can give a voice to the millions of Americans who cannot in good conscience vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.”

If a third party candidate emerges, they need to know the support they have on the ground among the nearly two-thirds of Americans said they are willing to support an independent candidate.”

Better For America’s claim is disingenuous at best, if not outright deceptive, not least because there were already third, and fourth party candidates – Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party), both of whom have been organizing in all 50 states. This casual ignorance of the other alternative candidates indicates an attempt to totally manipulate the electoral conversation.

Very underhanded yes, but this is something a CIA operative would be doing overseas thrawrting elections and destablizing fledgling democracies in target nations.

Romney and Goldman Sachs End Game

Beyond engineering a narrow victory for Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and the #NeverTrump conclave’s last option is to steal the election after Nov 8th. It goes like this….

Their final play would be if neither Trump nor Clinton receive the 270 electoral college votes required for an outright victory – which would then send the election to the House of Representatives. This hasn’t happened since 1825. At this point a Republican House of Representatives (many of whom are #NeverTrump supporters) would choose any of the top three candidates who had won a state. If McMullin wins Utah, then he would theoretically be in with a chance. But not as good a chance as Hillary Clinton would.

Regardless, either scenario (although the Clinton scenario is more real) is predicated on Evan McMullin’s role as a spoiler. McMullin admits this openly:

“It depends on the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being very, very close and it is not close now.”

For Clinton friends and campaign backers like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and fellow Wall Street elites, a Donald Trump victory could mean an interruption in profits – slowing down the financial organized crime and fiat paper fraud which has enriched them and the Clintons (and soon the Obamas too) ever since Bill Clinton gave Goldman and Co. the ultimate blank check when the outgoing US President repealed the Glass Steagall Act in 1999. With that one stroke of the pen, the Clintons set the stage for the 2008 Financial Collapse – and bailout recipient Blankfein and the Goldman syndicate (and Romney too) made vast fortunes off other people’s misery. Notice that Goldman and Wall Street have been stuffing money into the Clinton’s pockets ever since with speaking fees, jobs, investments, and also bank-rolling Chelsea Clinton’s husband Mark Mezvinsky’s hedge fund.

Blankfein and his ilk brought the US economy to its knees, and were paid handsomely for their effort.

It’s an incestuous ring of financial skull-duggery – and you will not hear the righteous, self-styled “liberty” advocate Evan McMullin so much as mention any of this, let alone bad mouth his former employer and criminal financial institution – and yet, this is the real story that everyone should really be talking about this election – the seedy relationship between the likes of Goldman Sachs and the establishment’s favored political candidates.

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