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‘Intl Community Still Financing, Protecting Terrorists’ – Mother Agnes, Vanessa Beeley on Syria

21st Century Wire says…

As western media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and the BBC continue to hurl viral images of ‘child victims of Aleppo,’ western and gulf-backed terrorists in East Aleppo continue to fire mortars, ‘hell cannon‘ and use snipers to target civilians and children in government-protected West Aleppo. The level of information fraud and propaganda being perpetrated by the western mainstream media and politicians like John Kerry and Samantha Power is unprecedented – even by traditional low US standards.

RT International interviews Syrian peace campaigner Mother Agnes-Mariam and independent researcher and journalist Vanessa Beeley. Watch:


Message from the REAL Syria Civil Defense to the White Helmets:
Letter from the REAL Syria Civil Defense to western governments and people

Exclusive investigative report by Vanessa Beeley: 
The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake White Helmets as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

CrossTalk Panel Discussion: White Helmets, ‘A Pseudo NGO’:
CrossTalk: ‘White Helmets, Really?’ with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett & Patrick Henningsen

A NOBEL LIE: CNN Claim Barrel Bomb Struck White Helmet Center in Damascus:

NGO/Human Rights Charities investigation by Patrick Henningsen:
AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex

Open Letter by Vanessa Beeley:
White Helmets Campaign for War NOT Peace – Retract RLA & Nobel Peace Prize Nominations

Jeremy Salt: How West Are Deceiving the World Over Syria
“No Longer Just a Syrian War but an Existential Contest Between the US and Russia”

Staged Rescue Videos:
(VIDEO) White Helmets: Miraculous ‘Rag Doll Rescue’

White Helmets Recycling ‘Child Victim’ Images for Western Propaganda:
RESCUE REDUX: Are Syria’s White Helmets ‘Recycling’ its Child Victims?

21WIRE compilation of key information on the White Helmets:
Who are the Syria White Helmets?

21WIRE Investigative Report on the White Helmets’ Terrorist Connections:  
Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception ~ the “Moderate” Executioners

Cory Morningstar report on White Helmets, NGOs:
Investigation into the funding sources of the White Helmets, Avaaz, Purpose, The Syria Campaign

White Helmets Report by former Weapons Scott Ritter:
The ‘White Helmets’ and the Inherent Contradiction of America’s Syria Policy

Open letter to Canada’s NDP Leader on White Helmets’ Nobel Prize Nomination:
Letter to NDP from Prof. John Ryan protesting White Helmet nomination for RLA and Nobel Peace Prize

REPORT: ‘Aleppo Media Centre’ Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US:

White Helmets – Bogus Claims:
‘We Saved 60,000’ – Bogus Claim by Syria’s White Helmets Raises Even More Questions

Tony Cartalucci report on the White Helmets and Staged Rescue Scenes: 
Save Aleppo” Protest Proves How Easy it is to Dress Up Actors as “War Victims”

READ MORE WHITE HELMET NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire White Helmet Files





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