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‘No Fly Zone’ Propaganda: Crocodile Tears for the ‘Children of Aleppo’

SHAMELESS: US, UK-backed ‘rebels’ are using children as ‘No Fly Zone’ props in Syria. Other reports suggest the rebels are also recycling child ‘victim’ images for the derelict western media. 

EU-French-funded ‘opposition’ media outlets like the Aleppo Media Centre, and US-UK-funded ‘NGOs’ like the White Helmets, are operating exclusively in terrorist-held areas of Syria – and they are feeding customised propaganda to deceptive media outlets like CNN. There is a new “group think” which has taken over the US and European mainstream media. But is it really group think, or is contrived to bolster a failing US foreign policy in Syria?

Before the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, Washington’s political and mainstream media operatives all towed a single party line in covering for US government’s fraudulent case for initiating an illegal war. The same is happening today – as the US media enforce a sanctimonious group think, once again, designed to conceal a coalition policy laced with lies and deception regarding the the conflict in Syria, while simultaneously escalating tensions with Russia.

Melissa Melton of Truthstream Media (see video below) explains, “I wasn’t going to, but then I saw the CNN anchor pretend to cry…”

hillary-clintonEven Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (image, left) is still trying to exract political capital out of the staged imagery by invoking ‘Dusty Boy’ Omran during the last television debate, saying, “That picture of that little 4-year-old boy in Aleppo with the blood coming down his face while he sat in an ambulance is haunting…” After that, she tried to hammer home the real plan:

“First of all, I think a no-fly zone could save lives and hasten the end of the conflict.”

We’re told that CNN ‘news’ anchor Kate Bolduan could not contain her emotions when reporting the story of the ‘Dusty Boy’ of Aleppo, Omran Daqneesh. The only problem is, the infamous Omran scene was fake (like Bolduan’s dramatic on-air tears).

Watch this video produced by Truthstream Media:

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