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SYRIA: ‘The White Helmets are Kony 2012 on Steroids’

As Washington and London pile on the lies in Syria, the truth is finally beginning to slow down the west’s propaganda juggernaut.

This week 21WIRE features editor Patrick Henningsen joined host Chris Cook from Gorilla Radio, one of British Columbia’s best and longest running alternative radio shows.

Remember KONY 2012

The topic of discussion was the story of the US State Department and British Foreign Office creation, the ‘NGO’ commonly known as the White Helmets. It seems that some people will believe anything if itsit is given a seal of approval by people like Coldplay or George Clooney.

Have the western public been duped by another multimillion dollar PR campaign?

Listen to the entire interview here:

White Helmets segment begins at 2 min 30 sec mark…



Message from the REAL Syria Civil Defense to the White Helmets:

Original investigative report by Vanessa Beeley: 
The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake White Helmets as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

White Helmets: ‘A Pseudo NGO’
CrossTalk: ‘White Helmets, Really?’ with Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett & Patrick Henningsen

A NOBEL LIE: CNN Claim Barrel Bomb Struck White Helmet Center in Damascus:

Report by Patrick Henningsen
AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex

Open Letter by Vanessa Beeley
White Helmets Campaign for War NOT Peace – Retract RLA & Nobel Peace Prize Nominations

Staged Rescue Videos:
(VIDEO) White Helmets: Miraculous ‘Rag Doll Rescue’

21st Century Wire compilation of key information on the White Helmets:
Who are the Syria White Helmets?

21st Century Wire article on the White Helmets:  
Syria’s White Helmets: War by Way of Deception ~ the “Moderate” Executioners

Cory Morningstar report:
Investigation into the funding sources of the White Helmets, Avaaz, Purpose, The Syria Campaign

Report by Scott Ritter:
The ‘White Helmets’ and the Inherent Contradiction of America’s Syria Policy

Open letter to Canada’s NDP Leader on Nobel Prize:
Letter to NDP from Prof. John Ryan protesting White Helmet nomination for RLA and Nobel Peace Prize

White Helmets: Bogus Claims:
‘We Saved 60,000’ – Bogus Claim by Syria’s White Helmets Raises Even More Questions

READ MORE WHITE HELMET NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire White Helmet Files




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