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Obama Gives Blessing to India in New War Against Pakistan

21st Century Wire says…

Missing from US headlines last week was India’s ‘surgical strikes’ which hit a Pakistani installation killing at least two and wounding nine last Wednesday night.

Many already believe that Hindu supremacist BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi is nudging Central Asia to the edge of all-out war.

Adding yet another war to his CV, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama naturally signaled his support for India’s highly provocative cross-border incursion in Pakistan-held Kashmir.

India claims it was hunting down terrorists across the border.

For Washington, this is just the latest front to head-off and encircle China in the geopolitical race for resources, and with the added bonus of opening up a lucrative new arms and ‘defense’ market in Asia for a US-based military industrial complex.

WSW reports: “US strategic think tanks frequently refer to disputed Kashmir as the most dangerous “nuclear flashpoint” in the world. Yet American officials have studiously avoided making any criticism of India, a “global strategic partner” of US imperialism and pillar of its military-strategic offensive against China.”

“A chorus of former Obama and Bush administration officials now employed by various military-strategic think tanks are lauding the Indian action and even praising New Delhi for its “restraint,” even as the Hindu supremacist BJP government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushes South Asia closer to the precipice of all-out war.”

NOTE: Both India and Pakistan possess nuclear weapons – even more reason to be concerned if a new war front opens up between these two feuding nations.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue