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VIDEO: Syria White Helmet Savagery Hand in Hand with Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda

Vanessa-BeeleyVanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

In an attempt to whitewash the blackened reputation of the US, UK, EU and Japanese funded, White Helmets in Syria, an article appeared today in the The National that included quotes from James Le Mesurier, decorated British military intelligence officer and now mercenary trainer of the pseudo first responder organisation who are embedded with some of the most violent terrorists factions inside Syria including Al Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda in Syria) and ISIS – both of which are designated terrorist groups and are supposedly the target of US coalition bombing raids that have, incidentally, also massacred an estimated 1612 civilians in Iraq and Syria, a rarely mentioned aspect of their concerted bombing campaign and illegal entry into Syrian airspace.

Le Mesurier’s statement to UAE edition of The National:

“Fundamentally, he (James Le Mesurier) says, “Syria Civil Defence is 100 per cent Syrian; they are now managed by a leadership council of 11 who are elected by a general assembly made up of representatives from the 121 teams and 3,000 members”. 

The head of that council is Raed Saleh, a 33-year-old Syrian, who before the uprising was an electrical supplies salesman. In an article for The Washington Post in March last year, he wrote movingly of the effect of bombings, especially of barrel bombs. “After the bombs rain down, we rush in to dig for survivors,” he wrote. “Our motto, ‘To save one life is to save all humanity’, is what drives us on. But for every life we save, countless more are lost.” 

Interestingly, the British founder of the White Helmets posits his own conspiracy theory as to why people are questioning the White Helmets, as he goes on to dismiss this website, 21st Century Wire, and any one else who dares challenge the US and UK legend of the White Helmets of being some sort of “Syrian and Russian government online proxies”:

Le Mesurier says the widespread propaganda war against the White Helmets is being waged by the Syrian and Russian governments through “online proxies … a small group of networked activists [who] have mounted a concerted campaign since 2015 to discredit the White Helmets”.

“To save one life is to save all Humanity”

What a fine sentiment from this Nobel Peace Prize nominated group of multi million funded, US and UK controlled operatives, working as a support network for Al Nusra Front, ISIS and associated terrorist brigades – in the areas fortified and occupied by this motley crew of mass murderers and criminals.

One might ask Mr Le Mesurier, and also Mr Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Minister who just awarded the White Helmets a further £ 32 million for their “selfless bravery” and humanitarian valour, to perhaps explain the following video.

In this video we see the White Helmet “saints” alongside Al Nusra Front terrorist platoon as they invade Idlib in March 2015.  Here they have taken a prisoner and are dragging him to the main square.  He is handcuffed and visibly terrified.  One of the White Helmets, in full uniform, approaches the prisoner who is surrounded by Nusra Front armed fighters, and this White Helmet humanitarian attacks the prisoner from behind.  Other White Helmet operatives are menacingly, circling the prisoner mingled with Nusra Front terrorist militia. We then see the prisoner having his shirt pulled open to reveal a tattoo on his chest that reads, “Bashar, Hafez”.  Then we see a group of White Helmet workers join the throng of Nusra Front savages who are yelling and pushing the prisoner. The crowd move towards waiting cars, and the White Helmets are among them.

Please note: The first White Helmet operative who attacks the prisoner is wearing white gloves, the hands that pull down the prisoner’s shirt to reveal his tattoo are wearing white gloves. It is a White Helmet “saviour” that is manhandling and exposing a civilian to vicious retribution from Nusra Front extremists.  Watch:

We cannot say for certain as the fate of this prisoner is unknown, but on the basis of the systematic massacre and torture of civilians, along with Syrian Police and Arab Army soldiers, carried out during attacks like this, it is safe to assume he may well have been executed like so many other Syrian civilians in Idlib, who were loyal to their government or their national army.

The White Helmets are not only supporting this Al Qaeda savagery, they are once more proven to be participating in it. Numerous other examples of White Helmets members participating in what some might even describe as war crimes can be seen clearly here in the following article:

Part II – Syria’s White Helmets: War By Way of Deception ~ ‘Moderate Executioners’

In the end, no US, UK designed uniform or symbolic white helmet is going to absolve them of the crimes they are committing against the humanity they claim to be saving.

REMOVED: Change.org petition to against the White Helmets receiving a Nobel Prize censored by website administrators. 

UPDATE: In the last two days my Change.org petition: “DO NOT GIVE THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 2016 TO THE SYRIAN WHITE HELMETS” has been removed. A clear case of censorship by website administrators.  Before its removal, there were over 2,800 signatures along with thousands of comments protesting the nomination of this US, UK construct for the Nobel Prize.

About this petition, The National also wrote:

A petition on Change.org calling on the Norwegian Nobel Committee not to give the prize to the White Helmets says the award “would prolong the suffering of the Syrian people and reward the White Helmets for being US and UK government-funded and trained agents of ‘regime change’”. 

The petition is by the Syria Solidarity Movement, part of a network of pro-regime support organisations that have the White Helmets in their sights. The White Helmets, it says, are “Al Qaeda with a facelift … terrorism and neocolonialism under the umbrella of humanitarianism”. ~ The National

For a compilation of reports and articles on the White Helmets please read: Who are the Syria White Helmets?

Even with such multi million dollar funding and a New York PR operation working overtime to wash the blood from the hands of the White Helmets and present them as the saviours of all Syrians, the evidence keeps presenting itself, evidence of their collusion and association with among the most universally feared and detested terrorist entities the world has ever known.

The awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to the White Helmets would be the confirmation that our world has further spiralled into media-driven Orwellian dystopia beyond anything we could ever have imagined possible.


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