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Ron Paul: Syria Has Been in Chaos Ever Since Obama said ‘Assad Must Go’

21st Century Wire says…

Ron Paul told RT that the US shouldn’t engage in ‘death struggle’ over who controls Aleppo.

It’s worth noting here that Ron Paul was correct back in Aug. 2013, when the US and Britain were insisting the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people in the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta. At the time Paul called it a “False Flag” designed to suck US into arming Jihadist rebels in Syria. Where Washington was demanding military strikes against Syria, cooler and more intelligence heads determined that the event was in fact staged, most likely by western and Gulf-backed ‘rebels.’

Regarding the collapse of the ceasefire around Aleppo, the former US Congressman and Presidential candidate said that Washington “should not be there [Syria]” at all, despite this being an “unpopular” opinion in political circles, because the intervention contributes to jihadists expanding even further.

“So, I think we are doing the wrong thing,” Paul told RT. “I don’t think it’s good for our national defense. I think it makes us more vulnerable, because it does create more enemies. It’s unpopular to suggest that maybe our presence over there contributes significantly to those who become radical jihadists and would like to do us harm.” 

Watch Paul’s interview here:

Paul says moreover the US has no “moral authority” to be in Syria and has been violating its own laws.

“It’s not a proper function – we don’t have the moral authority. We haven’t followed our own laws that said that we should not be involved in war and [the] overthrow of governments without a declaration of war,” he said.

Source: RT News

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