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ALEPPO: Tom Duggan Reports from Frontline – ‘No Child Should Have to Suffer Like This’

tom-dugganTom Duggan
21st Century Wire

“No man, no child should have to suffer this kind of damage” ~ Independent correspondent Tom Duggan on the horrific injuries inflicted upon Syrian children & civilians by the NATO  terrorists who have been on a killing spree across Syria for over five years.

WARNING: The following report contains very distressing footage.

This week we were filming in the emergency wards of the government-run Arazi emergency medical centre in Aleppo that is overwhelmed with Syrian civilian and military casualties of the US, NATO, Gulf State and Israeli dirty war on Syria.

Whether it is Syrian soldiers who have been shot or shelled in battle or civilians who are the innocent victims of the terrorist reprisals and daily indiscriminate Hell Cannon mortar fire into the densely populated residential areas of Syrian Government held and protected western Aleppo, the doctors and medical staff in Aleppo work tirelessly to save lives.

Watch this stunning video:

Aleppo: ‘SAA Triage’ – Tom Duggan Frontline Reports from 21WIRE.TV on Vimeo.

These horrific wounds are never shown by the NATO media outlets because they prefer to elicit sympathy for their Syrian “regime change” and neocolonialist objectives via the artful image of Omran aka Dusty Boy than to convey the reality of the NATO-sponsored terrorism on the ground in Syria that is, daily, tearing not only limbs but the fabric of society apart.

Child of Aleppo. Face and body scarred by NATO terrorism (Photo: Tom Duggan)

Here is the first interview with the courageous Tom Duggan, live from Aleppo, aired on the Sunday Wire radio show two weeks ago: On the Ground in Aleppo with Tom Duggan

In addition, listen to Episode #152 of the SUNDAY WIRE ‘From Ground Zero to Syria’ with Tom Duggan’s latest 1 hour interview on the situation in Aleppo.


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