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United Nations Brought Cholera Epidemic to Haiti, Killing 10,000 (and counting)

21st Century Wire says…

After 5 years of total denial and what many would describe as an institutional cover-up, the United Nations has finally been forced to publicly admit that its own UN peacekeepers were responsible for the outbreak of cholera which as killed 10,000 and infected thousands of others so far, after the disease was introduced to Haiti six years ago in 2010. Haiti continues to suffer from the UN-induced epidemic until today. 

According to a recent report by one of the UN’s own top advisors, the epidemic was caused after 454 UN peacekeeper troops from Nepal set up camp in Haiti in 2010. Shortly after this new cholera strain was introduced, UN forces then helped to further spread the disease after allowing large amounts of its own untreated waste from the UN base to make its way into an adjacent river which fed local Haitian villages. Not long after, villagers began to get sick and die.

Even worse… thousands of lives could have easily been saved had the infected Cholera victims been supplied adequate amounts of clean water, as most cholera deaths are caused by severe dehydration resulting from symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. Many Haitians who would normally drink from the river were unaware that the UN had infected it.

The UN’s record of denial and deflection this story is incredible. In a 2013 country report, the UN humanitarian office was still trying to shift the blame onto Haitians by citing their “poor Hygiene practice.”

“The main cause for the persistence of cholera in Haiti is the lack of access to clean water and sanitation facilities and poor hygienic practices.”


Big Problems Equals Big Money

To compound the problem, at the time the UN’s Big Pharma agents pushed their own ‘solution’ to the epidemic – to source 600,000 vaccines for the poor people of Haiti. Some officials claimed they needed to raise $5 million more in oder to enact this ‘solution’ to the outbreak. Other expensive excuses used to obfuscate the UN’s role in the thousands of dead included claims that the only way to rid poor Haiti of the disease was to raise a further $2 billion (in western corporate contracts, of course) “from the rich countries” in order to build a new water and sanitation infrastructure for Haitians.

UN-Haiti- 2016-09-03 at 14.05.17
UN head Ban Ki-Moon on a photo-op in Haiti in 2010 (Article source: Zimbio)

Although know word so far from the obtuse UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, one of Moon’s surrogates issued a typical white-wash sounding bureaucratic half-hearted response saying that the UN “needs to do much more regarding its own involvement in the initial outbreak and the suffering of those affected by cholera.”

One can only wonder how the UN is allowed to get away with issuing such a weak statement – after 10,000 Haitians have been left dead by the UN’s own blunder – one which it has been systematically avoiding and denying over the last 5 years. 

Many 21WIRE readers already knew about this story a number of months ago from Dady Chery’s first appearance on the SUNDAY WIRE SHOW back on June 12, 2016, when the Haitian-born writer and activist exposed the institutional corruption of the United Nation and its celebrity-driven, international NGO Complex, as well as some very damning information regarding dubious international ‘charities’ like the Clinton Foundation and in particular, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s own role in propagating a culture of corporate and political corruption and the damaging cycle of ‘aid’ dependency in the poverty-stricken Caribbean island nation of Haiti.

Listen to that stunning interview in Episode 139 entitled, ‘The Do-Gooders’ featuring guest Dady Chery:

The United Nations silence about its own responsibility for this disaster is simple stunning – which only goes to show that those employed by the UN and those NGO gravy train riders making fortunes from UN-administered ‘projects’ – are more concerned with their high-paid career paths and lucrative supply contracts – than they are with talking responsibility, or being truly accountable for the situations they create.

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