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Syria Moderately: ‘I was playing with friends when Rebel bomb hit me’ (in West Aleppo)

21st Century Wire says…

As we explained on this past weekend’s SUNDAY WIRE SHOW, one of the main features of the western-NATO psy-op for Syria is to ignore the existence of 1.5 million people in WEST Aleppo – all under the protection of the Syrian government security forces.

The reason for this increasingly tragic western media tactic is simple: to create the western public perception that, “Assad and ‘the Russians’ are shelling their own people in Aleppo.” This dumbed-down, half-cocked narrative seems to work well enough with CNN’s marginal, post-literate American audience, and also for their teary-eyed news anchors crying over the staged Dusty Boy scene. The reality is that only about 220,000 people remain encamped in terrorist (‘moderate Rebel’)-held East Aleppo.

Still, spin doctors in Washington are still pretending that those thousands of terrorists (‘moderate Rebels’) that they are backing, training and arming are somehow ‘fighting ISIS’. This has now been proven as a patent lie. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so outrageous. Washington and its ‘coalition’ seem to interested in one thing: to protect Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) in East Aleppo, as well as ISIS and every other extremist Islamist terrorist fighting group operating in and out of Syria – in order justify their own illegal presence – and ultimately to prolong this bloody and destructive conflict.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Aleppo…


Children in government-controlled Aleppo are experiencing heavy fighting on a daily basis, as the opposition try to retake lost ground. While the Western media’s focus is largely on the suffering in rebel-held areas, RT looks at the other side of the story.

RT’s Lizzie Phelan is reporting from one of only two Aleppo hospitals that are now trying to cope with the inflow of those injured in the fighting. Those seeking help include both soldiers and civilians. So many people require treatment that they are filling up the medical facilities’ corridors.

The rebels now have control of three military academies in the south and have intensified their efforts to bring more territories their under control, Phelan explains. They are trying to get access to the southern road into Aleppo, and they fire at civilian targets from there.

Many children are among those injured. Phelan has spoken with two girls badly hurt by shrapnel from missiles fired from rebel held areas in the city’s south.

My arms, feet, knees, and face are injured,” 11-year-old Alaa said quietly, lying on the hospital bed, covered in bandages, while she added that it is her knee that hurts the most.

“We were just talking, and the next moment it was just like in a dream. Then, I started shouting and heard my parents shouting, too. And I realized that a missile had hit our home. Earlier, we had heard the missile flying overhead from an area near us. But this time it landed right in our house,” she added.

“I’m afraid. I don’t want to return home,” she told RT.

Alaa now says she wants to be a doctor to be able to help those suffering, just like her. She shares that dream with another girl in this same hospital, 12-year-old Faten, who was also wounded in the shelling.

“I was sitting on a balcony with my friends when I heard the sound of a missile coming,” Faten recalls. “The next thing I knew, my arm was broken, and there are still pieces of shrapnel in the other one. I was just playing with my friends when I heard something hit me, and then I realized soldiers were carrying me.”

The increased fighting has seen a surge in displaced people as well. RT’s correspondent visited an area, which hosts those who have been made homeless because of the conflict.

To the right, there are tents of people who were displaced three-four years ago, and still live in those makeshift shelters, Phelan pointed. To the left, live people who recently lost their homes.

The locals say that their plight has become too much to bear.

“Ten days ago, terrorists broke into 1070 apartments. I left my home with only my clothes on. The same thing happened to the neighborhood where I lived before the war broke out. I remember one day I woke up to the noise outside, and saw the heavily armed people with long beards had entered the area. I was afraid for my life, so I took my family and fled,” Aleppo resident Mohamed Khalouf said.

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