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US Leads Nuclear Strike Bomber Exercise Over Euro-Baltic, Claims It’s Responding to ‘Russian Aggression’

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Once again, the US military industrial complex is determined to CREATE tension in order to justify its new arms markets in the new EU states like Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and others.

You have to query the psychopathic mindset of the US and the bellicose names its constantly comes up with in order to try to intimidate the rest of the world’s less hyper-militarized nations. This latest nuclear bomber strike exercise targeting Russia was entitled, “Polar Roar”.

NATO has repeatedly accused Russian aircraft of ‘breaching’ its airspace – even though NATO is not an actual country. Meanwhile, NATO is engaged in its most aggressive ever military expansion in its 67 year history – during apparent ‘peacetime.’

Add to this, NATO’s recent massive troop and hardware build-ups in EU frontier states like Estonia (dubbed “Spring Storm”), and in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, and one has to ask the prudent question: is NATO preparing for something other than peacetime?

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ATO’s Polar Roar: 5 US bombers ‘intercepted’ in large-scale exercise over Baltic Sea


Three B-52 strategic bombers and two B-2 stealth bombers flew together from the US to the North and Baltic Seas, before being “intercepted” by other NATO aircraft in an ambitious aerial exercise.

“Exercises like POLAR ROAR enhance cooperation and reinforce NATO’s credible and visible posture in preserving a safe and secure environment,” said General Kevin Huyck, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at the NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) in a statement.

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The bombers lifted off from different bases in Missouri, North Dakota and Louisiana, before meeting up over the Atlantic, and undertaking an uninterrupted flight over Europe, where they refueled mid-air, a key component of the exercise.

Once there, they were treated like intruders by local NATO jets, as part of the alliance’s air policing training.

“NATO’s Air Policing mission preserves and safeguards the integrity of Alliance airspace. Scrambles are launched within minutes in response to aircraft not following international flight regulations or approaching NATO member countries’ airspace,” explained a statement from NATO…

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