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ERDOGAN’S PURGE: ‘Islamist’ Mobs Torture and Murder in Streets of Turkey


21st Century Wire

The fall-out from Friday’s failed coup d’etat in Turkey has been more gruesome than many imagined, as pro-government AKP and Muslim Brotherhood supporters have taken to the streets to administer what some describe as an ‘islamofascist’ brand of justice, apparently, doing so on behalf of the ruling party.

recep-tayyip-erdoganWhat many feared would happen has already come to fruition: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (image, left) has moved ahead with a brutal crack-down on dissent in further consolidation of power.

While the President is presently enjoying an immediate boost in popularity, achieving an almost cult-like status now among his core constituents, a much uglier scenes was brewing on the streets of Anakara and Istanbul. Saturday saw the beginnings of a massive purge of the President’s political opposition began on Saturday morning, with orders issued for the round-up of at least 3,000 troops to date who are suspected of playing a role in the coup plot, along with a further 2,700 arrest warrants issued for judges – a clear sign that no one will be offered a fair defense or trial by the Erdogan government. In total 6,000 people have been arrested on suspected treason charges. That number is expected to grow by Monday.

The President, who often invokes a political brand of Islam, proceeded to invoke God while administering the ongoing purge:

“This uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army.”

As 21WIRE reported yesterday, the embattled Turkish President and his party, have ignited street violence through their network of politically-affiliated Imams in Mosques, effectively deploying the President’s street army of AKP supporters and Muslim Brotherhood followers, to hunt down and punish any military and civilian dissidents. On top of that, the government appears to have issued ‘stand down’ order to police forces regarding the AKP and Muslim Brotherhood ‘street justice’ witnessed this weekend – allowing the torturing and public slaughtering of any unarmed, low-level military conscripts who are perhaps only pawns in a much larger geopolitical drama.

This amounts to state-sanctioned mobs exacting violent political retribution – not unlike the US-backed, violent NeoNazi street mobs in the Ukraine which were unleashed to carry out political lustration under the newly installed fascist-oriented government in Kiev. What makes the scene in Turkey more dangerous though, is the injection of a potent pseudo-religious political agenda into the mix – an agenda that’s certainly being fostered by the the ruling party. Where will it end?

Other reports are also suggesting that pro-government Islamist mobs have also carried out street beheadings of low-level military:

“A Turkish soldier has reportedly been beheaded on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge by a pro-government mob. Graphic video footage and images online show the soldier lying on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood.” Watch:

The following is a brief news report and images supplied by the online news agency AMN…


Harrowing scenes are reported by the world’s media as soldiers are beaten, tortured and murdered in open streets all around Turkey today.

The aftermath of the military coup that began last night is proving to be quite bloody as horrific scenes take place by Islamist Erdogan supporters all around Turkey today.

The police are reported to be allowing it to happen without intervention…










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