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Syria’s ‘Moderate Unicorns’, EU Army, BREXIT Magna Carta and Clinton-HSBC-FBI Racket

21st Century Wire says…

What was FBI Director James Comey doing on the board of HSBC while HSBC and the Clinton Foundation shared big money clients and donors? This and more today…

UK Column News anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest co-host Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE, with today’s top news stories from the UK, Europe and internationally. Watch:

START British Ambassador Rycroft speaks in protection of ISIS
03:49 Disingenuous portrayals of terrorists & the Syrian war
04:52 Secretary of State admits Moderate Rebel fantasies
07:43 Loaded term : ‘the Regime’ demonises average Syrians
09:06 SAS chief furious about British assassination squads in Iraq
12:32 Trial for war crimes in the Hague : Blair ought to be judged
13:54 Illegal procurements market is a death-racket of Intrigue
15:43 NATO & the EU to become one single organisation
20:51 Expansionist psychopaths reign within social ‘services’
23:28 Magna Carta : a constitutional overview from Mike Robinson
26:49 Deutsche Bank & Brexit amidst Mythic economic consequences
29:24 Irish attitudes towards the totalitarian European Union project
31:03 Husband of impending Prime Minister deep in transnationalism
32:59 A “Party leader (…) eighty percent of (Labour) MPs do not want.”
38:27 21st Century Wire breaks down a False Dialectic of political violence
40:51 HSBC Money-laundering forgiven out of criminal interdependence
42:12 ‘The FBI & emails – patronage & banks : In short – This is a Mafia.’




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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