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VIDEO: The Dallas Shooting Agenda

Daily Shooter
21st Century Wire

The Dallas Sniper Production. What was it really about?

Dallas, like so many other ‘mass shooting’ events, coincidentally triggers a familiar pattern of convenient political and social conditioning effects.

Brasscheck TV says:

“It is odd, isn’t it?

High profile school shooting, followed by high profile church shooting, followed high profile gay nightclub shooting… now this. It’s as if they’re checking off all the demographic boxes and the conclusion is always the same:

1. Guns are the problem
2. Domestic terrorism is “out of control”
3. “We need to assemble a list of ‘risky people’ – and take away their guns”
4. Who do they want to put on these lists? Veterans, blacks, anyone with political opinions, anyone deemed mentally unstable

We “need” to do all this to protect…school children, church goers, gays, and cops. What “reasonable” person can say no to this, right…?”

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue