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US Media Hyped ‘Active Shooter’ Drill at Andrews Base As Real Event

21st Century Wire says…

Yesterday, we were told by US media that one of the country’s key military installations, Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, home of the president’s Air Force One airliner, was in lockdown following reports of an ‘Active Shooter’ situation.

While the entire US media went into orange alert mode for over 2 and a half hours, 21WIRE recognized exactly what it was, a drill, and called it correctly while the news was breaking.

We’re told that initial reports of a ‘active shooter’ were prompted by an emergency 911 call to outside law enforcement about a gunman seen on the base. The fact that this alleged ‘distress call’ came from a “staff member” at the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility located inside Andrews (one of the country’s most secure closed military facilities) should have raised some pertinent questions – like why base security were not informed first, as one would expect. Furthermore, any reports by the US mainstream media characterizing the event as a genuine ‘active shooter’ crisis should have been immediately squashed by the fact that Joint Base Andrews was also running a “no-notice” Active Shooter Exercise scheduled for 9 am that morning. Sadly, this did not happen, and all US media outlets began their crisis reporting – complete with the usual panel of security ‘experts’ and ‘justice correspondents on CNN and other mainstream networks.

21WIRE Calls it Correctly

While the US media was reporting the base was in full lockdown and appeared ‘confused’ about what to make of the situation, 21WIRE analyst Patrick Henningsen appeared on RT International while the story was breaking, offering a very different take on the event than what was being reported at the time throughout the US media. Here’s what he said:


In a later segment that hour, Henningsen continues to explain how the Andrews Base event is not a real ‘shooter’ event and only a drill, and then used the opportunity to highlight other the unusual, if not improbably coincidences in recent years regarding a series inter-agency ‘terror drills’ which have taken place either at, or near the exact same time as other high-profile mass shooting or ‘terrorist’ attacks – including the San Bernardino Shooting, Boston Bombing, LAX Shooting, London 7/7 and also on 9/11.


21WIRE proceeded to publish a news feature at the time detailing how the event was merely a drill which the US media were grossly misreporting as an “active shooter situation,” or possibly that is was “a drill gone live.”

Finally, 1 hour later, US authorities finally admitted that ‘it was only a drill’ and that the dramatic lockdown had been lifted.

Some might say this was not a hard event to call, and in fact was a ‘no-brainer’ – and in this case they would be correct. For any keen student of false flags and high-profile mass shootings in recent years, it was overtly obvious what kind of drama was playing out.

The real story however, is how the entire US media transformed into one giant web of media disinformation amplification from the moment the false media reports and ‘official Tweets’ from the US military hit the news wires – without even pausing to consider that they were all knowing, or unknowing (but certainly willing) participants within their media/press compartment of the so-called ‘Active Shooter’ drill.

The mainstream media did their level best to use this falsely presented nonevent in order to reinforce the federal government’s prime PR compliance directives; a running list of mindless Orwellian police state throw away slogans like, “See something, say something,” and “Shelter in place.”

The end result of all this is a public who are unnecessarily traumatized, or subjected to psychological stress, in effect terrorizing the public, as a result of poor media reporting and dereliction of journalism by a media profession who are all too happy to go along with a high TV ratings draw of a ‘Active Shooter’ narrative.

Rather amazingly, one reporter from CBS News even admitted that the national ‘lockdown’ scare did not even interrupt that day’s drill and that their on-base Active Shooter exercise would continue throughout the day. This should provide as much evidence as one would need to deduce that the media scare was indeed part of the drill itself, although this concept might prove just too difficult to grasp for any US mainstream news anchor or reporter. Watch the CBS report here:

Watch as MSNBC’s ‘veteran’ reporter Pete Williams struggles to unpack the day’s false alarm that saw the whole of the US media go into a hapless crisis mode for three hours on the morning of June 30th. Afterwards, the rear-guard spin employed by MSNBC was breath-taking, albeit a little sloppy. Williams tried claimed that:

“What happened is a common thing, it’s just, you know, it’s sort of the times we live in… there were two personnel carrying rifles, long guns, someone in the medical center saw that and phoned in there was a shooter on the base…”

Williams then brushed the misreporting off as “normal,” before also parroting the tired mantra, “When you see something, say something.” Watch as a confused Williams tries to rationalize the day’s over-the-top media debacle:

If news of the planned ‘Active Shooter’ exercise had not made it into the public domain early that day, the media overdrive might have been greater. Would crisis planners allow the event to carry on all day, in which case, could the pre-planned scenario then be escalated to encompass a wider narrative?

Luckily, it did not, but yesterdays event does raise some very crucial questions about the highly reactionary and irrational nature of our security-obsessed media, and a police state ‘fusion’ apparatus which spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds each year in order prepare for some ubiquitous ‘threat’ which statistically does not actually threaten very many Americans and yet – seems to overly-dominate media coverage, as well the operating budgets government agencies and first responder cohorts nationwide.

The following is a short video which every American should watch, which explains some of the more worrying aspects of America’s new obsession with domestic hyper militarized responses – in preparation for what seems like an endless stream of ‘mass shooting’ and ‘domestic terror’ events:

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