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Active Shooter Drill Suddenly ‘Goes Live’ at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland

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Washington DC area was put on high alert today following reports of an ‘Active Shooter’ a Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, home of the president’s Air Force One private jet.

The base has been placed on lock-down and first responders are on-scene following a report of an active shooter at the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility located on Andrews.

Authorities have instructed all personnel continue to “shelter in place.”

There’s only one problem with this story: we also learned that the base had planned a “no-notice” Active Shooter Exercise scheduled for 9 am this morning, and as if by some amazing coincidence, during exercise, local first responders received emergency calls about a ‘real world’ active shooter on the base.

Still, this hasn’t stopped flippant news anchors and ‘expert’ analysts from US media outlets like CNN and FOX News from going into media-siege mode, and treating the event as if it were a real ‘active shooter’ event – and injecting addition, unnecessary fear in the public discourse this morning.

If one follows the inter-agency security protocols for a security exercise such as this, it would play out more or less exactly as it has today thus far, as evidenced by announcements by what other law enforcement and emergency services are saying.

NBC News local affiliate adds here:

“Fort Belvoir in Virginia says it is increasing its “security posture” in response to the incident at Joint Base Andrews. It has advised its personnel to stay clear of Joint Base Andrews.”

Last month Andrews had another ‘active’ event, in what apparently turned-out to be a non-threat.

“Last month, Joint Base Andrews was placed on lockdown after a woman walked onto the base and claimed she had a bomb. An Explosive Ordinance Disposal team found the woman had no explosives, and she was apprehended.”

The only question left now is: is this a real ‘active shooter’ situation, or is this merely another example of a “drill gone live”?

UPDATE 11:15AM ET: [Yes, we called it before authorities finally admitted ‘it was only drill’]

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md.— Andrews Air Force Base is ‘all clear’ after a lock-down Thursday morning, amid confusion during an active shooter drill, according to a law enforcement official.

“According to a public information officer in the Washington office, the reason for this is because of the confusion over reports of a drill or an actual incident. The FBI field offices let security on Joint Base Andrews sort out the confusion.” (FOX6 NOW)

“Joint Base Andrews was locked down just after 9 a.m. after someone mistook an active shooter drill for the real thing, senior law enforcement officials told NBC News. All personnel were directed to shelter in place,” said NBC News.

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