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Impossible Wonders: The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

21st Century Wire says…

The pyramids are just too perfect.

The following documentary explores the startling impossibilities that are to be found within the traditional, mainstream understanding of how the great pyramids of Egypt were constructed.

As the documentary explains:

“While the rest of the planet was still walking around in animal skins,”

“The ancient Egyptians paved an area the size of six football pitches,”

“Piled up two million blocks of stone to the height of a 42 storey building,”

“Drove a narrow, 300 foot passage utterly straight through the rock,”

“Fitted the stone in the inner chamber with complete precision,”

“Built the outside of the pyramid with eight sides instead of four,”

“Made it earthquake proof,”

“Aligned it precisely with magnetic north,”

“And, got the whole job done in 20 years.”

It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that this just does not add up, so what accounts for the miraculous construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Watch the full documentary here:

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