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IRON WOLF: 5,000 take part in NATO drill in Lithuania

21st Century Wire says…

Are they unveiling the eastern branch of the coming EU Army?

This latest NATO ‘exercise’ is named after Lithuania’s Mechanized & Motorized Infantry Brigades (MIB).

NATO is still claiming that “it’s not about Russia,” but it is…

Lithuanian MIB force (Image Source: Lithuanian Military)


Some 5,000 NATO troops are to take part in the Iron Wolf 2016 war games, Lithuania’s largest this year. The exercise started on Monday and involves some heavy military hardware deployed for the occasion by visiting members of the alliance.

The first active phase of the drill brings together soldiers from hosting Lithuania, the US National Guard and Poland. Soldiers from Germany, Denmark, France and Luxembourg are to join them for the second phase on June 12. Several dozen French troops are taking part in a Latvian drill for the first time.

The US deployed Stryker armored vehicles, A-10 Warthog fighter jets and B-52 strategic bombers to Lithuania as part of the exercise. Germany sent Boxer armored fighting vehicles and PzH 2000 howitzers, while Denmark provided Leopard tanks.

Iron Wolf 2016 is the largest military exercise in Lithuania in several years. It is part of NATO’s larger operation called Saber Strike, which focuses on the three Baltic States and involves some 10,000 troops this year. The transportation of foreign troops through the country is called Dragoon Ride II and started last Wednesday…

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