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The ‘Reptilian’ Controversy Explained

Fact Fiction Theory
21st Century Wire says…

Are the global elites so evil because they are actually not from this world? This is what some people believe.

David Icke recently made headlines for a new appearance on the BBC where host Andrew Neil attempted to draw out Icke into the controversial topic in the hopes of ridiculing Icke for his beliefs.

When Neil asks the question: “Do you still think the Royal Family were shape shifting lizards?” – to which David replied: “Yes, I do.”

In the following 30 minute presentation, Icke presents some clarification regarding the ‘reptilian’ issue in full and traces this idea’s lineage back to a series of historical accounts that depict humanity supposedly interacting with ‘non-human’ entities. Watch:

Do you think Icke’s ideas are worth considering, or is a raving conspiracy theorist? Leave your comments below…

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