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Latest Poll: Bernie Sanders is The ONLY Candidate Who Beats Trump

21st Century Wire says…

It is not looking good for Clinton.

Watch a video of this report here:

In a new poll just released by Fox News, Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical general election by 3%.

Trump now sits at 45%, with Clinton at 42%.

This shows Trump is only widening his lead over Clinton, as held just a 2% lead a few weeks ago.

However, the more interesting statistic that the poll reveals is that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in the entire presidential race that actually can beat Trump.

Sanders leads Trump by 4%, meaning for a slightly more convincing victory than Donald could pull over on Hillary.

Bernie would come in at 46%, and Trump would trail at 42%.

With the anti-Trump campaign proving to be an absolutely futile effort, it appears that those with a deep-seated hatred for Donald could have had a far greater chance of beating him by putting their efforts into supporting Sanders earlier on, instead of just trashing Trump.

Will those who have completely wasted their time in the anti-Trump campaign finally recognise where their efforts should be placed if they are actually serious about stopping Trump?

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