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AV7 – Another Tour de Force for The Alternative View

21st Century Wire

MILTON KEYNES – This weekend saw a packed house for the seventh installment of the Alternative View’s AV7 Conference in Buckinghamshire, a three day event that featured over a dozen international speakers covering a diverse set of issues ranging from geopolitics, to common law and health.

AV employs a slightly different format from other similar conferences and symposiums, with a more interactive format, including an intimate round table seating arrangement for delegates, open forums and break-out workshops, as well as general access to speakers and presenters throughout the event. The event also hosted one of the most diverse audiences seen thus far by AV organizers.

AV7 master of ceremonies and international activist Ian R. Crane explains, “The speakers and the audience represented almost every demographic imaginable. People from all parts of the social spectrum, almost every political persuasion and varying religious and philosophical viewpoints came together at AV7, united in their knowledge that ‘something isn’t right.'”

The broad based gathering comes at a time where a growing section of the public are becoming awake to government over-reach, evident by the recent passing of a number of new and harsh state measures being implemented in Britain and beyond. Crane adds here, “The fact of the matter is that the ruling parasites are in trouble… and can only react with increasingly oppressive legislation like the recent Domestic Extremism Bill, which in turn only serves to alert even more people to the rapidly advancing Orwellian corporatist police state. Rights are eroding, while chains of old have been replaced by debt. We’ve got some more tough years ahead but the onus is on each and every one of us to do whatever it takes. This has to be resisted if we are to avoid condemning future generations to this.”

Here are some highlights from this past weekend’s event…

Event organizer Ian R. Crane addresses delegates during the opening session on Saturday morning (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen@21WIRE)

21WIRE founder and editor Patrick Henningsen delivered the after-dinner presentation, ‘The Art of Resistance & Challenging Consensus Reality’ on Saturday evening (PHOTO: Vanessa Beeley@21WIRE)

Former airline pilot and whistleblower Willem Felderhof gives an evocative presentation Sunday afternoon, sharing his experience challenging toxic pollution in the aviation industry, as well as recounting his experiences on the fringe of the Yugoslavian War in 1999 (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen@21WIRE)

Host Ian R. Crane giving a presentation during transition between speakers (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen@21WIRE)

21WIRE Middle East correspondent Vanessa Beeley reveals the inner workings of the international NGO and Soft Power Complex (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen@21WIRE)

Sunday evening’s closing presentation given by writer Zen Gardner (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen@21WIRE)

Australian activist and filmmaker Max Igan was the final speaker on the Saturday evening (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen)

SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen with Mike Robinson from the UK Column, along with guest and event speaker Field McConnell, broadcasting LIVE from their road studio at AV7 on Sunday evening (PHOTO@21WIRE)

Listen to last Sunday’s episode of the SUNDAY WIRE, as host Patrick Henningsen talks with some of the weekend’s speakers and delegates including Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley, Willem Felderhof, Anthony Carlin, Field McConnell, Max Igan and Kai Bowman.





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