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Saudi Prince Lectures America On Democracy, Calling For ‘NEVER TRUMP’

21st Century Wire says…

Well, isn’t this interesting. Saudi Arabian princes are giving lessons in democracy?

Incredible. The headline reads: “Saudi Prince Begs America to Reject Trump.”

In summary: here we have a hereditary monarch, from a Wahabi theocratic dictatorship now lecturing Americans on who they should vote for in their elections.

During his recent dinner speech at the Washington Institute For Near East Policy at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Prince Turki- al-Faisal (photo, below), a graduate of Georgetown University, made his passionate plea to the American electorate not to elect Donald J. Trump as president.

NOTE: The word “election” is a treasonous concept in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and if you are ever caught asking for it – you will not only be jailed, but will likely face capital punishment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.48.44 AM
The Mail Online reported:

A Saudi prince has urged Americans not to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming general election. Turki al-Faisal, who served as Saudia Arabia’s ambassador to the US from 2005 to 2007, spoke against the presumptive Republican nominee during a foreign policy dinner in Washington, DC on Thursday.

He blasted Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the US, which the billionaire first formulated in December last year before renewing his vow on Wednesday.

“For the life of me, I cannot believe that a country like the United States can afford to have someone as president who simply says, “These people are not going to be allowed to come to the United States,” Turki said according to the Huffington Post.

Prince Turki currently serves as the chairman of the Saudi Arabian-funded Washington DC-based think tank, “King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies.”

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Interestingly, the Saudi Prince was sharing his Washington DC event stage with none other than Israeli general Yaakov Amidror, the former national security advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Amidror presided over a number of violent operations against the native Palestinian population, including the slaughter of over 500 civilians in Gaza in 2012

Whether or not one likes (or loathes) the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, it’s important to consider the Prince’s comments in perspective…

So who is a greater threat to peace and stability in the Middle East and Central Asia, and elsewhere – Donald Trump or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Let’s quickly examine some of Saudi Arabia’s ‘progressive’ and democratic credentials.

Oil-based Monarchy

The current ruling family in Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud, was installed into power by the British in the early 20th century. Since the development of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields, mainly by US and UK firms, tribal elites have had the luxury of having ‘money on tap’, amounting to many trillions of dollars in continuous energy revenue, with almost all of the wealth channeled into the hands of hereditary and royal elites. Saudi’s repression of democracy is not limited to its own borders, however. When a true ‘Arab Spring’ event broke out in neighboring Bahrain in 2011, Saudi Arabia deployed its army to put down any popular uprising, and still patrols those streets today.

More recently, their vast oil fortunes have been channeled into building-up a militarized state, and recently, with the backing of the US and PR cover by the UN, have openly waged war on its neighbor, Yemen.

Regressive Society

Even in the 21st century, Saudi Arabia still manages to win the near submissive support of the US and the UK, despite the fact that it is running an openly regressive, medieval theocratic autocracy, where hundreds of its citizens are executed in the street, many via beheading. Last year, in 2015, was a record year for beheadings under the newly crowned King Salman.

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Saudi Arabia's King Salma
PATRONAGE: President Obama paying tribute to the new King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

No Religious Freedom

The Kingdom is also actively repressing its own native Shi’ite population, as well as others who are not born into the right royaly-favored religion or tribe.  Practicing Christianity is also forbidden in the Kingdom and any attempted conversion from Islam is punishable by death.

Genocidal Military State

For the last 14 months, and with the assistance of the US, Saudi Arabia and its GCC allies have been waging an illegal and highly brutal military war of aggression against its neighbor Yemen – killing tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians and displacing millions more.

World’s Premier Supporter of Islamic Extremism and Terrorism

Historically, it is now accepted as fact that Saudi Arabia the world’s leading financial supporter of Islamic extremist terrorism in the Middle East and beyond. This has been the case for many decades starting from the Kingdom’s central role, together with the CIA and others, in supporting Mujadhedin militants and al Qaeda in Afghanistan from the late 1970’s and all the way through to their involvement in 9/11. This trend continues today, with Saudi, along with its tribal monarch cousin, Qatar, as the primary source of funding and support for terrorist fighting groups like Jabhat Al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria) and also Islamic State (ISIS), as well as a direct financier of radical Mosques all over the world.

Saudi Nuclear Weapon Plans

In the same interview this week, Prince Turki also dropped ‘another bomb’, so to speak, by announcing Saudi Arabia’s somewhat disturbing ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons:

Saudi Arabia has accepted the Iran nuclear deal, which lasts 10-15 years, Prince Turki said. But what happens after that is “open to question.”

“That’s why I’ve always maintained that we … must consider all options, including the acquisition of nuclear weapons,” the prince added — though he emphasized his preference for a nuclear weapons-free zone in the region.

So who is the real threat in the region and beyond? One thing should be certain by now – it’s not Iran, or Donald Trump.

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