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Contaminated ‘Radioactive’ Wild Boars Running Amok Around Fukushima

21st Century Wire says…

Despite the complete world mainstream media blackout regarding the 2011 Daiichi nuclear reactor meltdown at Fukushima, Japan, a few stories are getting out into the public domain which provide some indication of the radioactive contamination in and around the quarantine zone. 

Japanese nuclear operator TEPCO measures using a dosimeter at the central operating control room of the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors at their tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant (Image Source: 50K View)

Experts now admit that there is evidence of radioactive-led mutations to local plant and insect life. There are also concerns with other wildlife too. In this case, it’s the swelling population of wild boars in the area – apparently, plagued with nuclear contamination and unfit for human consumption.

Authorities claim that the radiation levels will remain toxic for another 30 years, but this could also be an overly positive assessment design to abate public fears and concerns.

The reality is that this is a catastrophe the likes of which the planet has rarely seen, and still, political leaders, corporate bosses and nuclear tycoons – all remain largely in a state of denial…

(Image Source: Wikiwand)

Will Worley
The Independent

Radioactive boars are running wild and breeding uncontrollably in the northern region of Japan contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The animals have been devastating local agriculture and eating toxic, nuclear-contaminated food from around the accident site.

Mass graves and incinerators have been unable to cope with the quantity of boar corpses, shot by local hunters.

A quarantine zone near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant where a 2011 meltdown leaked radioactive material into the surrounding countryside has been uninhabited by humans since the disaster.

However, boars remained in the area, unchecked by humans. Their precise number is unknown, but since 2014, the number of boars hunted has increased from 3,000 to 13,000, The Times reported…

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