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EXCLUSIVE: Report on the “Moderate Rebel” Chemical Attacks Yesterday in Aleppo

21st CenturyVanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

Yesterday US and NATO backed “moderate rebels” aka terrorists from various factions shelled Kurdish areas of Aleppo with chemical weapons.

The silence from western and gulf media has been deafening, only RT and Press TV immediately broke news of the attack on Kurdish sectors of the terrorist occupied Aleppo that is being retaken piece by piece by the Syrian Arab Army and allies.

The following is an unedited report from a citizen of Aleppo whose name we withhold to ensure their security in a volatile situation:

“The Sheikh Maqsoud sector of Aleppo city, which is under the Kurds control  had been hit and attacked several times after the beginning of the ceasefire, since I was there.

The new news though that I started reading since yesterday, that the terrorists started using chemical weapons against civilians over there.

Did Mr. Staffan de Mistura know about that? Did Mr. Ban Ki-moon hear of it? I doubt it. All they are concerned and obsessed about is toppling Assad and the transitional phase after Assad.

The ceasefire is over in Aleppo, after the great violations took place few days ago on southern Aleppo province areas, when several terrorist groups [whom signed on and approved the ceasefire] broke their words and the transitional phase after Assad.

The SAA and its allies didn’t want that ceasefire from the beginning. The UN always impose ceasefires when the SAA starts to win on ground. Its a way to give another chance for terrorists to arm and prepare themselves for the next violation. 

Now, there is no ceasefire. Aleppo battle seems to be starting soon, as Russians, SAA, Hezbollah and others are continuing what they were doing before the ceasefire.

Liberating Aleppo city.

A week ago, Deir ez-Zowr city was attacked by Da’esh, using chemical weapons as well. Syrian army doesn’t have that weapon any more, so they can’t blame Assad of using it.

However, it seems that no one really care any more in that corrupted, two faced UN.

Three years ago, such news would have been seen 24/7 on all global media claiming:

“The “Dictator” is killing his people with chemical weapons”.

But now, days and weeks have passed and I hardly ever could find any mention of such news, especially at the UN. They are suffering from deafness and blindness now.

Or, they are happy to use this attack against Assad, SAA, and Syrian people?”

Watch this second part of the report…


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