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VIDEO: Harad, Yemen, a Ghost Town, Battered by Saudi Coalition Air-Strikes

Al Masirah TV Yemen
Via News of Yemen

Film of Harad, a Yemeni town in the North West of the country, relentlessly battered into rubble by the Saudi Coalition air-strikes and deserted by terrified civilians.  

Weapons, jets and missiles supplied courtesy of the US, UK and NATO partners in war crimes against the Yemeni people. The film is in Arabic but the images need no translation.

The film also shows remains of Cluster Munitions, supplied by the US, and being illegally deployed by the Saudi led coalition, against civilian targets.

These words are taken from the blog, Ambiguous Odyssey, written by a 17 year old Yemeni girl, Fatima Noman.  She wrote this 200 days into the 375 day illegal, Saudi coalition war of aggression being waged against the Yemeni people.

“200 days have changed me. 100 felt important 200 just doesn’t have a ring to it. It hurts but it doesn’t hurt like it used to, not because I grew numb to death, rather I learned that death is like an arch it pulls you back a step -or two- then when it let go’s you leap forward with full force.
200 days means nothing. I feel the same anger and frustration I have been feeling these past six months, every air raid is still as petrifying as the very first one. The only thing that changed is I now know who I am mad at and why I am mad at them.

200 days have made me stronger. I learned that death has a bitter-sweet tang. A taste I sometimes crave. I linger for the way death stares us bluntly in the eyes and leaves us there awaiting a closer encounter.

Everyday that passes is a closer day to the end. 200 days has supported me with faith.
200 days and still counting.”


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