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UN: Yemen Gov’t in Exile, Houthi Rebels, Agree on Ceasefire

21st Century Wire says…

International forces are now imposing bilateral will to try and halt the bloodshed in Yemen.

Even Saudi Arabia announced last week it would start winding down its bombing campaign in neighboring Yemen.

Background of this conflict (via Middle East Eye):

  • A Saudi-led coalition began bombing raids on Houthi positions across Yemen in March 2015 but the group has continued to hold parts of the country including the capital.
  • Hadi’s government has declared the southern city of Aden to be the country’s provisional capital.
  • The year-long coalition campaign has faced criticism over civilian casualties.
  • The UN said Friday that Saudi-led raids are responsible for the vast majority of the estimated 3,200 civilian deaths in the Yemen war. At least 3,000 fighters on both sides are thought to have died over the past year.

Now a UN-brokered deal emerges weeks before peace talks are scheduled between opposing factions…


AP – Yemeni Shiite rebels and the government have agreed to begin a ceasefire for a week or two before their next round of negotiations which are expected in April, AP reported.

The rebels and the UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, held talks in Sanaa on Sunday. The Houthis have reportedly agreed to implement a UN Security Council resolution, which requires them to hand over their weapons and withdraw from territory they occupy, including Sanaa.

The internationally recognized government also said Sunday they agree to the ceasefire. The move is seen as a first step for the warring sides to show their good intentions.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue