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US Seeking New ‘War Against ISIS’ in Libya After Russia Eradicates Scourge in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

The military industrial complex doesn’t give up that easily.

Watch a video of this report here:

Since Russia has almost eradicated the scourge of ISIS in Syria, the US is seeking to move the war machine over to Africa, where the Pentagon is currently hyping a new threat from ISIS in Libya.

The Pentagon is suggesting that a bombing campaign against the terrorist group in Libya would begin by striking 30-40 targets. While the group is not as strong as it was in Syria, this still seems like a very low number considering Russia was hitting 900 targets in just three days last month.

President Obama recently said:

“We will continue to use the full range of tools to eliminate ISIL threats wherever they are,”

The US, Britain, France and Italy are attempting to create a unity government in Libya, after the Western ousting of Gaddafi turned the nation into a failed state that allowed terrorist groups to rise in the first place.

General Rodriguez, head of US Africa Command, is now even inadvertently admitting that this is the overall cause of the problem:

“[ISIS] continues to be a challenge because of the lack of governance, as well as the breakup of the military and the multiple militias on the ground,”

Simply put, the US government wants to use the military to solve a problem that the military created, meaning that the only real winners here are the elites in the military industrial complex.

Russia has essentially shut down the US intervention in Syria, particularly by inserting undercover operatives into the Western-backed rebel forces, so it appears those who profit from war-making are turning their attention elsewhere.

Do you expect to see a new US intervention into Libya in the near future?




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